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The Fisher King

Robin Williams, Jeff Bridges, Amanda Plummer, Mercedes Ruehl, David Hyde Pierce, Lara Harris, Harry Shearer, Michael Jeter
Friedrich Nietzsche | marijuana | Thorazine | chlorpromazine | Robin Williams
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A caller tells radio talk show host Jack, referring to her husband, “Well, he drives me crazy.”
Jack: “It drives you crazy, doesn’t it?” (0:00)

Jack tells a caller, referring to yuppies, “That’s why so many of them are retarded and wear the same clothes.” (0:03)

Jack rolls a joint, lights it. (0:05)

Television reporter: “Seven people were killed before Mr. Malnick turned the gun on himself and shot a hole through his head.” (0:08)

Jack: “Go right ahead and panic.”
A customer tells Jack, “I’ve been looking for over an hour, and I’m losing my mind.”
Jack’s girlfriend Anne asks him, ”Are you in one of your moods today, baby?”
”I don’t understand these moods that you’ve been in.”
Jack: “They’re my moods.” (0:09)

Jack tells Anne, “Suicidal paranoiacs will say anything to get laid.”
Madness!” (0:12)

A man tells a street person, “You’re a maniac. You’re crazy.” (0:14)

Jack talks to a Pinocchio toy: “You ever read any Nietzsche? Nietzsche says there are two kinds of people in the world: people who are destined for greatness like Walt Disney and Hitler, and then there’s the rest of us... You say no to drugs.” (0:14)

Jack walks next to the East River under the Manhattan Bridge with a weight tied to his leg. One thug asks another, “Do you believe this drunk?”
One of them asks street person Parry, “Are you... nuts?” (0:16)

Parry appears to talk to hallucinated beings. (0:22)

Parry tells Jack, “You start seeing floating little fat people tell you that you’re on a mission from God, they’ll slap you with some heavy Thorazine.”
Jack: “I don’t mean to be flippant or enrage you or anything, but you’re a psychotic man, a very nice psychotic man.” (0:25)

Parry’s super tells Jack, referring to Parry, “He and his wife were in some bar, and some nut comes in with a shotgun... That nut who listened to the radio?” (0:28)

Jack tells Anne, “I just had a very traumatic experience... I’m not in the mood.” (0:32)

Parry’s super tells Jack, referring to Parry, “They kept him in a mental place over on Staten Island. He did not speak for a year... He was crazy about her.” (0:34)

Jack reads an old New York Post: “RADIO FAN KILLS SEVEN THEN SELF”
Anne: “What’s the matter baby, can’t sleep?” (0:35)

Parry tells Jack, “If anybody ever told me I’d be in love with a girl who chews jawbreakers, I’d say they’re nuts, but look at that jaw.” (0:39)

Jack tells Parry, “You’re only partly insane.”
”You’re... deranged.”
”I think you’re a moron, and I don’t want to get in trouble.”
Parry: “I’m loopy about this guy.”
Jack: “I’m self-centered.” (0:41)

When Jack confronts Parry with his real identity Parry hallucinates a fire-breathing Red Knight on horseback. (0:43)

In a hospital emergency room Parry dances in front of a man in a straight jacket. Jack asks a man he and Jack encountered, hysterical, in Central Park, “Did you lose your mind all of a sudden, or was it a slow, gradual process?” (0:49)

Parry tells Jack, “You can’t confuse the psychic energy.”
Jack: ”This is nuts.”
”I’m out of my... mind.”
”You’re out of your... mind.”
”What if some homophobic jogger runs by and kills us to get back at his father?”
Parry tells Jack, referring to the Fisher King, “While he’s spending the night alone he’s visited by a sacred vision.”
Parry sees the Red Knight. (0:56)

Anne asks Jack, “The Moron?”
Jack: “He’s not a moron.” (1:03)

Central Park man in drag. (1:06)

Parry tells Anne, “I mean a guy would have to be out of his mind.” (1:14)

Anne tells accountant Lydia, “If I had to live with my mother I would stab myself six times.” (1:19)

Parry experiences a flashback of the killing of his wife. He sees the Red Knight come toward him. (1:34)

Anne asks Jack about “Your moods...?” (1:42)

Dr. Mandeville tells Jack and Anne, referring to Parry, “Catatonic stupor. Condition rendered him non-verbal.”
Jack: “He’s got a concussion, right?”
Mandeville: “He seems to be re experiencing the catatonia... A person can actually re experience the full effect of a tragedy long after the event took place.” (1:44)

A television executive tells Jack, “It’s a weekly comedy about the homeless, but it’s not depressing in any way.” (1:47)

Jack walks into a psychiatric hospital day room filled with oddly behaving patients. He finds catatonic Parry lying in his hospital bed. Jack tells him. “It’s easy being nuts.” (1:50)


Parry asks Jack, “Are you crazy?” (2:07)