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The Fitzgerald Family Christmas

CastKerry Bishé, Connie Britton, Edward Burns, Heather Burns, Marsha Dietlein, Noah Emmerich, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Anita Gillette, Tom Guiry, Ed Lauter, Michael McGlone, Nick Sandow
Year released2012
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Christmas and the revelation of a family secret after years of emotional cutoff between the father and most of the rest of the family surface intense emotional process, much related to sibling configuration. How critical is Nora's connection to Gerry?

Bar manager Gerry asks his bar owner mother Rosie, “Will you please stop fighting this you crazy old woman?” (0:01)

His sister Erin tells Gerry, “You’re all crazy.”
Gerry: “We’re crazy.” (0:08)

Gerry’s brother Quinn’s girlfriend Abbie: “This house is insane.” (0:17)

Quinn tells the others, “It was complete insanity.” (0:23)

Erin tells her husband Corey, referring to her family, “‘Cause she drives me crazy. In fact they all drive me crazy...” (0:26)

Nurse Nora tells Gerry, referring to 9/11: “I lost my dad that day too.” (0:28)

Erin tells Rosie, “The holidays put everyone in a... mood.”
“Mom, I’m really not in the mood to have this talk.” (0:35)

Gerry tells nurse Nora, “I gotta tell you that just sounds a little bit depressing.“
Nora: ”It’s not depressing. If you think it’s so depressing, why don’t you come over?“ (0:40)

Gerry, referring to his younger brother: “Dad, Cyril just got out of rehab today.”
”What are you gonna do, kill yourself?” (0:41)

Abbie tells the others, “I’ve got some herb if anybody wants some.”
Gerry’s sister Sharon’s boyfriend FX: ”Really, you got some weed?”
Quinn: ”Enjoy the herb.” (0:47)

Gerry tells Nora by telephone, “Look, I kinda need to talk to someone who isn’t completely out of their... minds...” (0:52)

Erin tells Corey, referring to her brother Cyril, “He was drunk and he apologized, and he’s sober now.” (0:53)

Quinn tells Sharon, referring to their sister and her husband, “JJ... hit Connie.” (0:55) 

Gerry tells Nora, “I took care of my mother when she was losing her mind...” (1:00)

Connie asks Cyril, “All... you did before you went to rehab?”
”You and your crackhead friends broke into our apartment and trashed the place.”
Cyril: ”Sharon, I don’t remember doing that.” (1:22)

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