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The Flaming Teen-Age

Cathy Downs, Regis Toomey, Paul Kelly, Ethel Barrett, Noel Reyburn
ethyl alcohol | heroin
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Policeman, referring to student Tim, “Higher ‘n a kite...” (0:01)

Narrator: “... ranking high on the list is the danger of alcohol... ” (0:02)

Tim’s mother Mrs. Krueger asks Mr. Krueger, “Have you gone out of your mind?” (0:05)

Narrator, referring to Mr. Krueger: “He told Tim of his own early experience... when he realized his social drinking had almost brought him to a total addiction to alcohol.”

Tim: “I don’t remember too much of what happened later... I must have been so loaded I didn’t know what was going on.” (0:08) Tim tells his father, “Yes, I must have been so loaded I didn’t know what was going on.”
Mr. Krueger: “A person who’s loaded never knows what’s going on.” (0:14)

Narrator: “And now let’s take a look at... Fred Garland and how his life was in fact virtually destroyed by narcotics.” (0:16)

His boss tells Fred, “You stay sober, or get fired.” (0:31)

Desperate for a drink -- or trying to kill himself -- Fred downs a bottle labeled tincture of iodine.” (0:42)

Drug dealer Felix shows Fred a vial of drug, apparently heroin, and a syringe and needle. He draws up the syringe and injects Fred’s arm. (0:49)

Approaching the casket, Fred grieves the death of his father Lou. (0:54)

Close-up of drawing up syringe. (0:56)

One detective tells another, referring to Fred, ”He goes to the drug ward.” (0:57)

A jail doctor prepares to inject Fred while he tells him, “You’ll get two shots of this drug a day for the next two weeks.”
”I never have heard of a case of a heroin addict who’s been completely cured...” (0:57)

The district attorney tells Sam, referring to Fred, “He stole some ties to pick up some dough for a fix.”
Fred: “Oh, he’s a junky.” (0:59)

Fred recalls injecting his arm. (1:02)

The district attorney addresses the judge referring to defendant Fred: “Your honor, your records will show that Fred Garland has been a swindler, an alcoholic, a near suicide, and a narcotics addict.” (1:03)