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Flashback (1990)

CastDennis Hopper, Kiefer Sutherland, Carol Kane, Paul Dooley, Cliff De Young, Richard Masur, Michael McKean, Kathleen York, Penelope Ann Miller
Year released1990
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Close-ups of snorting cocaine
Sign: ”Betty Ford Center” (0:01)

Defendant Huey Walker tells FBI agent Free “John” Buckner”, "Don’t worry, kid." (0:06)

Walker tells Buckner, referring to the other FBI agent, "Drug use. Urine analysis." (0:08)

Walker tells Buckner, "I need drugs... This is... nuts."
, ”... and the rich, they’re living at the Betty Ford Center/”
”Oh, I wouldn’t worry...” (0:11)

Walker tells Buckner, "Well, heil Hitler." (0:17)

Walker tells Buckner, "I slipped some acid in your mineral water."
Buckner: ”No, before that, acid in my mineral water.”
Walker: ”Oh yeah, acid: LSD. I scored back in the slam, man. Hey, don’t you worry. I'm not going to let you trip alone. I dropped a couple of tabs myself.”
, ”... so you’re going to blame it on the acid.”
Buckner ”There isn’t any acid.”
Walker: ”You’re tripping, man.”
”Don’t freak out, Buckner.”
”You need a downer.” (0:20)

The barman tells passenger Sparkle, a nurse, referring to Buckner, "The young man’s gone stark raving mad."
Walker: ”My buddy took a hit of acid. He’s having a bad trip.”
Buckner: ”This jerk slipped it to me in my mineral water.”
Walker: ”Buckner, if you pass up this opportunity, you’re a bigger idiot than I...” (0:23)

Sparkle tells Buckner, "You drive me crazy... I am crazy about you." (0:25)

By telephone, Walker tells publisher Seymour, "Listen, don’t panic." (0:31)

Lawyer Barry tells Walker, thinking he is Buckner, referring to Walker, "This guy was a maniac. He was a world-class psycho freakoid."
”I will refresh your memory.”
Walker: ”It takes more than going down to your local video store and renting Easy Rider to be a rebel”
Barry: ”I happen to own Easy Rider.” (0:32)

Sheriff Rand Hightower tells Buckner, "But I think that you have a little more to worry about than a bloody nose and some dented pride." (0:)

Hal tells Barry, "If we sober up, we’ll never go through with this." (0:45)

Hightower tells Buckner, "I had a feeling about you, it was an instinct." (0:48)

Buckner tells Walker, "So now you’ll probably tell me that you didn’t put any acid in my mineral water..."
Walker: ”There never was any acid. I wouldn’t slip acid to my worst enemy.” (0:53)

Buckner tells Walker, referring to Buckner’s father, "He used to grow pot up on the back hill." (1:01)

Maggie asks Walker, "Do you think I spent the sixties in a coma?" (1:03)

Walker: "Oh, Buckner, don’t worry about it."
Walker tells Maggie, ”All I ever did was... say some crazy stuff that kept my name in the news.” (1:05)

Buckner’s supervisor agent Stark tells, Hightower, "Huey Walker’s got the survival instincts of a cockroach." (1:10)

Walker: "Who needs drugs, huh?" (1:19)

Recording of Walker: "It’s a crazy time. You must not ratify your government's madness." (1:24)

Walker tells Buckner, referring to disconnecting Agnew’s railroad car, "Some drunken railroad man did it by mistake." (1:28)

Buckner: "Hightower, what, are you crazy?" (1:29)

Stark tells the passengers, "Nothing to worry about, FBI." (1:34)

Stark tells agent Prager, "You idiot." (1:37)

Books in bookstore window entitled Flashback (1:40)

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