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CastDenzel Washington, John Goodman, Don Cheadle, Melissa Leo, Brian Geraghty, Bruce Greenwood, Kelly Reilly, Tamara Tunie, Garcelle Beauvais, James Badge Dale, Rhoda Griffis, Kwesi Boakye, Michael Beasley, Adam Tomei
Year released2012
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Stewardess Trina lights a joint and offers it to pilot Whip. Whip snorts a line of cocaine through a straw. (0:02)

Whip asks copilot Ken, referring to his oxygen mask, "Want a hit?" (0:05)

Porn actor Kip snorts cocaine through a straw. He tells masseuse Nicole, "We're tweaked."
"I thought you were clean."
Nicole: "I just want to get faded, Kip."
He gives her a small package of drug: "This is the Taliban, okay... I don't want you shooting this..."
"And if you get a little too low, you just do a little Coke, okay. Get yourself back up, all right?" He gives her another package of white powder. Nicole knocks a box of paraphernalia to the floor. Nicole looks at the syringe. (0:14)

Nicole prepares the syringe, wraps a tourniquet around her arm, and injects. Her pupils constrict. (0:15)

Whip hears that Trina has died. (0:31)

Whip tells drug dealer Harling, "I'm all shaky and dried out, I can't sleep good."
Harling reads from Whip's chart, "Alprazolam. That's generic Xanax. Hydrocodone. That's generic Vicodin... I mean, where's the dihydromorphinone? Or at least some... Palladone..."
Whip: "I'm not drinking anymore." (0:36)

Another patient tells Nicole and Whip, "I love the smell of nicotine in the morning." (0:39)

Nicole tells Whip, referring to the patient, "Chemo brain."
"They call it chemo brain. My mom, she used to slur her words and get all chatty."
"Heroin addicts who use needles, they tend to die. A woman from AA, she just came to see me while I was in rehab." (0:44)

Whip handles a bottle labeled hydrocodone then pours the contents into the toilet. He pours all his alcoholic beverages down the drain and flushes marijuana. (0:48)

Attorney Hugh tells Whip and pilots' union representative Charlie about the "toxicology report" which
"shows that you had alcohol in your system at level of .24... drunk driving... "
"This toxicology report states that you were drunk and high on cocaine. And if it is proven that your intoxication was the cause of the death of the four passengers... kill this tox report." (0:55)

Whip tells Hugh, "I drank... used cocaine..."
Hugh: "It's in the toxicology report"
"That means... no drugs."
Whip: "I can stop on my own." (1:05)

Airline owner Avington asks the others, "Is he a drunk?"
"What does the union plan to do about this blood test saying Whitaker was high on booze and coke?"
Hugh: "I'm going to kill the toxicology report."
Avington: "Makes me want to go out and sniff a few lines and fly a jet." (1:07)

Whip intoxicated. (1:10)

Nicole talks to Whip about the loss of her mother. (1:15)

At the memorial service Stewardess Margaret tells Whip, "You really should come to the counseling group." (1:16)

Nicole tells Whip, "Oh, well, I promised... that I'd go to this AA meeting now. She's my sponsor, the one that's been helping me."
"It's an open meeting, meaning that anyone can come." (1:20)

Alcoholics Anonymous meeting: "My name is Barry, and I am an alcoholic."
"Are there any other alcoholics present?"
"I was taught in these rooms that I would never get sober if I kept lying, but that's what I was best at." (1:20)

Nicole tells Whip, "You're insane."
"You need rehab Whip."
Whip: "You think I need rehab? So, you go to two AA meetings, and I need rehab?"
"I don't... to get high."
"That why you shot dope?"
"That's why you get high?" (1:27)

Whip: "I was loaded when the plane crashed."
Nicole: "I'm afraid that I'm gonna use again."
"I don't want to use again."
Whip: "If... I don't sober up..." (1:29)

Whip asks Hugh, "What about my toxicology report?"
Hugh: "There is no physical proof that you were intoxicated on that plane,..."
"... they all had clean tox reports..."
"You know, when I first met you, I couldn't believe what a drunk... you were."
Whip: "Don't kill yourself on my account, Hugh."
" Yell, Charlie, just keep him nice and sober..." (1:34)

Whip's son William tells him, "You're drunk."
Whip: "I'm a drunk."
Whip tells a mob of reporters, "... now is a time for grieving..." (1:39)

Charlie tells Whip, "Apparently, you went to your ex-wife's house drunk as drunk..."
"You're about to be questioned by a federal agency about piloting an airliner drunk." Charlie and Hugh find Whip intoxicated. Whip tells them to get Harling because "He's got cocaine."
Hugh: "Cocaine?" (1:49)

Harling tells the others, "And I need a coco puff." He divides powder cocaine on a mirror with a credit card. Whip snorts it with a rolled up bill then smokes a cigarette stuffed with cocaine. Harling snorts cocaine then gives a packet to Charlie. (1:51)

NTSB investigator Ellen addresses the meeting: "On the three days... did you consume any alcohol or other intoxicating elements?"
"On the morning of the accident... did you consume any alcohol or ingest any chemicals or drugs that may have impaired your ability to perform your job?"
"... do you now or have you ever had a problem with alcohol dependency, alcoholism or drug addiction?"
"Toxicology analysis was performed... and one tested positive for alcohol."
"Did you know Ms. Marquez had a drinking problem?"
"Did you ever see her drink to excess?"
"Were you aware that she was twice treated for alcohol addiction?"
"Since her toxicology report is the only toxicology report that is admissible..."
Whip: "... I was intoxicated."
"I was drunk. I'm drunk now. I'm drunk right now, Miss Block. Because I'm an alcoholic." (2:00)

Whip speaks at an AA meeting in prison: "... but at least I'm sober."

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