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Flipper (1996)

Paul Hogan, Elijah Wood, Chelsea Field, Isaac Hayes, Jonathan Banks
Brian Douglas Wilson | dimenhydrinate | Dramamine
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By telephone, Sandy Ricks tells his friend, "Don’t worry." (0:14)

His uncle Porter Ricks tells Sandy, referring to his shirt, "It was given to me personally by Brian Wilson himself."
”Brian Wilson.” (0:20)

Kim tells Sandy, "I’m hypnotizing." (0:37)

By telephone, Porter tells Sandy’s mother, referring to cigar smoking, "I think he’s just about to kick the habit." (0:45)

Marvin’s marine biologist mother Cathy tells Porter, "I’m really worried." (0:46)

Porter tells Sandy, "All instincts for it."
”I’m probably worried if I had a kid, he’d turn out just like me.”
Sandy: ”Now that would be a nightmare.” (0:57)

Porter: "Dramamine?" (1:09)

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea on Cathy’s computer (1:15)

Porter strikes Dirk Moran in the face. (1:23)

Sheriff Buck Cowan: "Not to worry." (1:24)