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Florence Nightingale (1985)

Jaclyn Smith, Claire Bloom, Timothy Dalton, Timothy West, Peter McEnery, Stephan Chase, Ann Thornton, Jeremy Brett, Jeremy Child, Brian Cox
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Future nurse Florence and her suitor Richard wander through a church graveyard. (0:13)

Florence tells Dr. Howe, “I would say you were mad, doctor.” (0:19)

Florence asks her sister, “Would you have me contradict her and say... that the doctors and nurses were sober?” (0:24)

Florence tells Richard, "Tell me that I'm not mad or morbid." (0:28)

Florence's mother Fanny says, "If I were a fainting woman, I would faint." (0:34)

Florence ask Richard whether she looks “sober enough to be an administrator.” (0:41)

A surgeon calls for “Chloroform.”
Dr. Hall: ”I gave orders. No chloroform to be used in any hospital under my command.” (1:12)

Selina tells Florence, “I cannot suppress my feelings the way that you do.”
Florence: ”Suppress them?” (1:30)

Dr. McGrigor tells Florence, “I’ll need the chloroform.” (1:32)

Dr. Sutherland writes: “You little know what daily anxiety it causes me to see her dying by inches." (1:48)

Sutherland tells Florence, “Now you need, in fact, we both need a few hours outside of this place or we’ll go mad.”
”If you prefer, not so much an invitation as a prescription." (1:49)

Dr. Hall tells Florence, “Miss Nightingale, I do not intend to be subjected to a harangue by a hysterical woman." (2:02)

Florence faints. (2:06)