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Flying Anne

Anne, Loes, Lotte, Iris van Zon, Henri van Zon, Delano, Roel, Iris
Gilles de la Tourette
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Student Anne: “Due to a brain disorder I suffer from tics and compulsions.”
”Twirling is my main thing, always to the same side, always to the right.”
”And blinking my eyes, and rolling my eyes. At the moment my licking tic is bothering me most. It means I have to lick all kinds of things. The other day Mum did a count. In 10 minutes she saw me licking things 23 times.” (0:04)

Anne: “Flying is what I like best. Then no one can see my tics.” (0:05)

Anne licks a refrigerator door in a supermarket. She licks a paper. (0:06)

Anne’s psychotherapist: “Anne, this licking tic must be really annoying.”
”And do you manage to control this tic sometimes?”
She suggests role playing: ”We’ll pretend this is the school yard and you’re going to say, ‘I’ve got Tourette’s. I can’t help it.’”
Anne: “It’s a disorder in my brain.”
Gilles de la Tourette.” (0:07)

Anne twirls while walking. (0:10, 0:11)

Anne licks a door jam. (0:14)

Anne twirls in class. She tells the class, “We’ll start with the question: What is Tourette’s? Tourette’s means you’ve got a disorder in your brain causing you to make noises and movements you can’t help making. Who discovered it? Dr. Gilles de la Tourette. Now we’ll play a game. Put your hands on the table and keep them there so you know what it feels like to control Tourette’s... When you notice something about me you can ask me whether it’s a tic, and I can give you an answer.” She twirls. (0:18)

Anne: “If I had the choice to get rid of my Tourette’s, I wouldn’t do it, because then I would stop being me.” (0:20)