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Flying Tigers

John Wayne, John Carroll, Mae Clarke, Anna Lee, Paul Kelly, Gordon Jonews, Bill Shirley
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Dead pilot Dale’s belongings gathered. (0:13)

Pilot Hap tells the fighter squadron leader, "Okay, Jim, now don’t worry about a thing." (0:17)

Pilot Woodrow “Woody” Jason tells Capt. Jim Gordon, referring to the headquarters building, "It looks like the Taj Mahal with a hangover." (0:28)

Jim asks Woody, "Are you crazy?" (0:36)

Pilot Blackie is killed. (0:50)

Woody tells pilot Blackie Bales’ widow Verna, referring to Blackie, "Ah, they were crazy about him." (0:53)

Nurse Brooke Elliot tells Woody, referring to the orphans, "Some instinct brings them here." (1:00)

Woody tells Jim, "Don’t worry about a thing." (1:06)

Woody tells pilot Alabama Smith, "Oh, don’t worry about it." (1:13)

Hap asks another man, "Are you crazy?" (1:14)

Hap, by radio: "Don’t worry, Jim, " (1:19)

Col. R. T. Lindsay tells Jim, "Sounds like hedge-hopping to suicide." (1:27)

Jim: "Listen, Woody, anybody who looks ahead in this racket is crazy."
Woody, referring to Brooke: ”... half the time she was talking about you and... all those crazy things.” (1:32)

Jim reads Woody’s last letter to Brooke. (1:38)

Reference in Raggedy Man