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Shlomo Bar-Aba, Lior Ashkenazi, Aliza Rosen, Alma Zack, Micah Lewesohn, Nevo Kimchi, Yuval Scharf, Daniel Markovich
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Professor Uriel tells the audience he feels “a little nervous.” (0:03)

A colleague asks Uriel, referring to Uriel's professor father Eliezer, “Is he ecstatic?” (0:31)

His wife Dikla asks Uriel she experience Eliezer “Like an anorexic girl who suddenly begins to eat.” (0:33)

A television character asks, “So what’s your diagnosis?” (0:35)

Uriel tells caller Yonah, advisor to the Education Minister, “You’re making me nervous.” (0:38)

Uriel tells Professor Grossman, referring to Eliezer, “His closeness to Feinstein made you crazy when you were young..." (0:51)

Uriel tells Grossman, “Back off, you psychopath bastard.” (0:54)

Eliezer tells reporter Noa the pot is “An illusion.” (1:11)

Uriel reads a newspaper describing his father’s work as “An illusion.” (1:13)

Dikla tells Uriel, “You have a problem with your autistic father.” (1:18)

Eliezer opens a book written by his son: “Uriel Shkolnik on Identity and Memory.” (1:28)