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Force of Evil

John Garfield, Thomas Gomez, Marie Windsor, Howland Chamberlain, Roy Roberts, Paul Fix, Stanley Prager, Barry Kelley, Paul McVey, Beatrice Pearson
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Numbers racketeer Ben Tucker tells his lawyer Joe Morse, "Don’t worry about your brother, Joe."
”I just want you to know how worried I am.” (0:08)

Joe tells his numbers racketeer older brother Leo, "You're crazy. You’re absolutely crazy."
Leo: ”... I could’ve been the lawyer if I threw you out of the house when our parents died...” (0:12)

Leo asks two policemen, "Everybody gone crazy all of a sudden?"
Referring to a man: ”He’s got a complex.”
Man: ”Claustrophobia.”
Leo: ”When he was a taxi driver his cab fell in the river with him. He got a disease under the water, a fear. He can’t stand being cramped in a small dark space.” (0:17)

A man tells Joe,"Don’t worry, Mr. Morse." (0:19)

Ben’s wife Edna tells Joe, "Sometimes you act like a human being, like a person who worries..."
Joe: ”Just because I’m killing myself over that dumb brother of mine doesn’t mean I’m ready to die for anyone else.” (0:22)

Leo’s secretary Doris Lowry asks Joe, "What are you talking so crazy for, Mr. Morse?" (0:27)

Joe tells Doris, referring to Leo and his wife Sylvia, "They’re in the wrong mood."
”I’m in a wonderful mood, Doris...”
Doris: ”I don’t approve of you instinctively.” (0:32)

Joe tells Edna, "You tell Ben he has nothing to worry about." (0:43)

Joe, referring to district attorney Hall: "... it was a little shocking to find out that he’d moved in so fast. It was something to worry about..." (0:45)

Doris tells Joe, "You’d better worry about Leo, and you’d better worry about yourself." (0:54)

Leo asks bookkeeper Freddie Bauer, "You want to kill yourself, to get yourself killed?" (0:56)

Doris asks Joe, "If it’s so serious... what are you doing here getting drunk and talking so crazy?"
”Somehow you’re wild and crazy and stuck in a trap...” (1:05)

Edna: "Joe, are you crazy? Are you crazy...?" (1:10)

Racketeer Bill Ficco tells Ben and Joe, "Leo Morse won’t talk. He’s dead." (1:11)

Joe: "I found my brother’s body... and I felt I had killed him." (1:17)