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Fort Apache

Guy Kibbee, John Wayne, Shirley Temple, Irene Rich, Ward Bond, Henry Fonda, George O'Brien, John Agar, Victor McLaglen, Anna Lee, Dick Foran
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Sgt. Major Michael: “No, next Christmas, you loony.” (0:20)

Sgts. Festus and Daniel grieve dead comrades (0:59)

Capt. Kirby tells Lt. Col. Owen, “The women degraded, the children sickly, and the men turning into drunken animals.” (1:06)

Kirby asks Sgt. Beaufort, “How’s your hangover?” (1:15)

Kirby tells Owen, “That’s suicide, Colonel.” (1:49)

Michael tells Kirby, referring to Owen, “Ah, the madman.” (1:51)

Trilogy: Fort Apache | She Wore a Yellow Ribbon | Rio Grande