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The Fountainhead

CastGary Cooper, Patricia Neal, Raymond Massey, Kent Smith, Robert Douglas, Henry Hull, Ray Collins, Moroni Olsen, Jerome Cowan
Year released1949
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Architect Henry tells architect Howard, “You’re an egotist.” (0:02)

Newspaper headline: “BANK PRESIDENT EMBEZZLER SUICIDE” (0:04)

Bank board member:“Roark, this is sheer insanity.” (0:13)

Publisher Gail tells columnist Ellsworth that architect Peter Keating produces “... great big marble bromides.” (0:16)

Gail tells columnist Dominique, “If I wanted to delude myself, I’d think you were impatient to see me.“ (0:51)

Dominique: “Gail, is this an obsession?” (1:15)

Dominique cuts her wrist with a piece of broken glass. (1:23)

Ellsworth exhorts his audience: “The man who refuses to submit and to serve, Howard Roark, the supreme egoist, is a man who must be destroyed.” (1:24)

Alvah: “Gail, are you out of your mind...?”
”For a popular newspaper it’s suicide.” (1:25)

Gail tells Alvah, “When I can’t fire anyone on my paper, I’ll close it and blow your brains out -- or mine.” (1:31)

Gail shoots himself with a pistol taken from his desk drawer. (1:50)

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