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Four Weddings and a Funeral

Hugh Grant, Andie MacDowell, James Fleet, Simon Callow, John Hannah, Kristin Scott Thomas, David Bower, Charlotte Coleman, David Haig, Rowan Atkinson, Sophie Thompson, Anna Chancellor, Corin Redgrave
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Charles tells groom Angus, “I mean, I’ll be killing myself after the service, if that’s any consolation.” (0:05)

Wedding party in front of the graveyard. (0:11)

Angus tells Matthew, referring to his new wife Laura, “She’s drunk.” (0:20)

Gareth asks Tom, “Are you sober?” (0:25)

A waiter tells Charles, “Your wife says you must come upstairs at once, room 12 in case you’re so drunk you can’t remember.”
Man: You are drunk.” (0:29)

Charles tells wedding guest Carrie, “For a moment there I thought I was in Fatal Attraction.” (0:34)

His former lover Henrietta tells Charles, “You were even sweet to me, although you thought I was an idiot.” (0:55)

His friend Scarlett tells Charles, “They say rubber’s mainly for perverts.” (0:58)

Charles tells Carrie, “I’m an idiot.” (1:08)

Gareth tells Charles, “It’s Brigadoon. It’s bloody Brigadoon.” (1:11)

Tom stutters. (1:13, 1:38)

Charles asks Henrietta, “Well, you remember the shower scene in Psycho?”
”Oh God, I’m depressed, Hen.” (1:14)

Hearse and memorial service for Gareth. (1:23)

Matthew eulogizes Gareth as “joyful for highly vocal drunkenness.” (1:25)

Groom Charles with his friends in the graveyard.
Fiona, referring to Henrietta: “The girl in question is, sadly, crazy...” (1:33)

Carrie tells Charles, “I just wanted to check you’re okay, not busy killing yourself or anything...” (1:51)