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Fourteen Hours

Richard Basehart, Paul Douglas, Barbara Bel Geddes, Agnes Moorehead, Robert Keith, Debra Paget, Howard Da Silva, Grace Kelly, Jeffrey Hunter
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Hotel guest Robert Cosick tells another hotel guest, "Those cops come near me... I’ll jump." (0:06)

A cab driver asks police patrolman Charlie Dunnigan, "That’s a crime, ain’t it, knockin’ yourself off?"
Another cab driver: ”Nuts, huh?”
Dunnigan: ”Maybe he’s a looney.”
Another cab driver: ”Any guy’s nuts enough, let him.” (0:15)

A woman tells her coworker, "I suppose you could decide to kill yourself if you were just lonely..." (0:17)

Dunnigan tells deputy police chief Moksar, "I don’t know anything about loopies."
Psychiatrist Dr. Strauss tells Dunnigan, referring to Robert, ”Anything will sublimate his drive.”
Dunnigan: ”Is he a real loopie, or is it an act?” (0:22)

Dunnigan tells Robert, "Don’t worry about that." (0:23)

Strauss answers Dunnigan, referring to something he put in the glass of water: "A stimulant." (0:29)

Robert asks Dunnigan, "Did the doctors put something in it?" (0:30)

Moksar tells Strauss, referring to Robert’s mother Christine Hill Cosick, "While you psychoanalyze her, he dies." (0:37)

Dunnigan tells Robert, referring to Christine, "She’s worried about you." (0:38)

Christine tells the psychiatrists, "He’s always been nervous... He was just nervous." (0:42)

Moksar tells Christine and Robert’s father Paul, "No wonder he’s cuckoo."
Christine tells Paul: ”After 15 years of neglect and selfish unconcern, to come back here...” (0:43)

A policeman asks the reporters, referring to Chirstine, "Can’t you see that she’s nervous and upset?" (0:48)

Robert asks Paul, "You’re afraid to look down, aren’t you?" (0:51)

Christine tells the reporters, "I’d kill myself if anything happened to him."
A reporter tells a photographer, ”If she gets hysterical, get a shot of it.”
By telephone, a reporter tells someone, ”His mother got hysterical.” (0:54)

Strauss tells Dunnigan, "He’s getting pretty confused."
Dunnigan, referring to other cops: ”They’re crazy.” (0:57)

Dunnigan tells Robert, referring to his ex-girlfriend Virginia Foster, "She’s probably been worried about you." (0:58)

A lawyer reads to Mrs. Louise Ann Fuller and Mr. Fuller: "It is further ordered, judged and decreed that the plaintiff have custody, control and supervision of the infant issue of the marriage herein dissolved..."
Ann: ”Custody, hereinafter provided...” (0:59)

Strauss tells Virginia, "... so he began to hate himself." (1:13)

Robert tells Dunnigan, referring to women who called, saying she wanted to marry Robert, "They’re crazy."
Dunnigan, referring to the cops below: ”Don’t worry about them.” (1:22)

Strauss tells Virginia, "He’s exhausted and suffering from shock."
”It’ll take time and patience...” (1:28)