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Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man

CastIlona Massey, Patric Knowles, Bela Lugosi, Lionel Atwill, Maria Ouspenskaya, Lon Chaney Jr.
Year released1943
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Graveyard (0:01)

Graverobber Freddy Jolly tells his accomplice, "Even a man who is pure at heart... may become a wolf." 
”We won’t have to worry for a long time.” (0:04)

Dr. Frank Mannering: "How’s the patient, nurse?" 
Nurse: ”He’s conscious, Dr. Mannering...” 
Mannering: ”Conscious?...” 
Mannering tells patient Lawrence Stewart Talbot, ”You were found in the street... with a head injury.” 
Police Inspector Owen asks Talbot, ”How did you get that skull fracture?” (0:07)

By telephone, another policeman tells Owen, referring to Talbot, "... I was present at his funeral." (0:10)

Mannering tells Owen, "That man is my patient..." (0:10)

Talbot changes to Wolf Man. (0:12)

The nurse tells Mannering, "The patient must have done it himself." 
Mannering tells Talbot, ”... Yes, you must’ve had a nightmare...” 
”Mr. Talbot, you’re suffering from a delusion...”
Talbot: "I turn into an animal." 
”... I change into a wolf.” 
”Now I change into a wolf at night...” 
Owen: ”... Let us do the worrying.” 
Talbot: ”You think I’m insane...” 
”You’re treating me like a lunatic...” (0:13)

Mannering tells Owen, "People with brain injuries sometimes develop supernormal mental powers... the borderline between delusion and reality is very narrow. Sometimes a patient may unknowingly overstep that line." 
”He’s a lycanthrope...” 
”A man who imagines himself to be a wolf.” (0:17)

A police sergeant tells Mannering and Owen, referring to Sir John Talbot, "...... Died of grief shortly after." (0:20)

Own tells Mannering, "Of course it’s not the same man. If it were, I'd be off me top." 
Mannering tells the sergeant, ”... I’d like to check up on my patient’s condition.” (0:21)

By telephone, Mannering tells Dr. Gordon, "How’s... the head injury case...?" (0:21)

Mannering answers Owen, referring to Talbot, "No, he tore off his straight jacket during the night..." (0:22)

Talbot tells Roma Maleva, "When the moon is full, I turn into a wolf..." (0:24)

Talbot changes into a werewolf. (0:29)

Manneering tells Talbot, "You're insane at times, and you know it. You’re sane enough now, though, to know what you’re doing." 
Talbot: ”Do you think it would do any good to put me in a lunatic asylum?” 
Mannering, referring to Dr. Frankenstein’s experiments: ”... Medical science never, never recognized them.” 
Talbot, referring to Frankenstein’s daughter Elsa: ”She can tell you about things... that your medical science has never heard of.” (0:47)

Bar owner Vazek, referring to Mannering: "I heard him... talking to that stranger about insanity and murder.
Mannering: ”... You won’t get anywhere by raving." (0:52)

The mayor: "You’re drunk, Vazek..." (1:01)

Elsa tells Mannering, referring to Talbot, "But he’s insane." 
Maleva: ”Insane? He is not insane. He simply wants to die.” 
Elsa tells Mannering: ”I saw my father become obsessed by his power.” (1:03)

Mannering reads Frankenstein’s diary: "Connecting the plus poles to the minus will charge the energy output of the nervous system..." (1:05)

Elsa faints. (1:10)

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