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Frankie & Alice

Halle Berry, Stellan Skarsgård, Phylicia Rashad, Chandra Wilson, Rosalyn Coleman, Joanne Baron, Brian Markinson, Matt Frewer
synthetic | amphetamine | cocaine | diazepam | Valium | heroin | lithium | lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana | methaqualone | Quaalude | pentobarbital | Ronald Reagan
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Stripper Frankie lights a joint. She shares it with another stripper. Frankie denies completing the crossword another girl tells her she did. (0:05)

Frankie hallucinates a baby crying. She switches to Alice: "Frankie is not here."
Cliff yells at her: "You're crazy. You're a crazy... bitch. Are you drunk? You crazy freak!" (0:10)

Policeman: "You think she's on drugs?"
"Let's get this junkie off the road." (0:12)

Sign on awning: "PEARCE PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL" (0:12, 1:14)

Psychiatrist Dr. Oswald tells nurse Susan, referring to a professor and jazz, "He claimed it allowed him full access to the subconscious state without any need for hallucinogens or stimulants." (0:14)

Oswald asks Frankie, "What else can't you remember?"
"Drugs? Are you currently taking any medication, any recreational drug use?"
"Benzodiazepine? Methaqualone? That's Valium and Quaaludes."
Frankie: "No smack, no blow, no speed."
Oswald: "LSD?"
Frankie: "I smoke a little reefer." (0:17)

Dr. Backman tells Oswald, "Indications of memory loss."
Oswald: "She was absolutely reeking of alcohol..."
Backman: "She was probably coked out of her mind."
Oswald: "Wait for the toxicology report." (0:18)

Frankie smokes a joint. Her landlord Hector tells her, "You pay now, or you go find a new place to play crazy." (0:20)

Frankie's sister Maxine tells her, referring to her "friend" Paige's fiance, "Works with Gov. Reagan..." (0:26)

Frankie appears to dissociate, switch to Alice. (0:29)

Alice: "You're acting crazy... Have you lost your natural mind?" (0:32)

By telephone Frankie tells Oswald, referring to the jailers, "They're telling me... I could get myself out of here if I check myself into the nuthouse."
Oswald: "Under a 4011... sure, but it depends on an assessment."
"Did you have another blackout?"
Referring to Backman: "He's the chief attending psychiatrist here..."
"You'll be signing yourself in voluntarily..." (0:33)

A nurse walks Frankie through the hospital day room. (0:34)

Frankie tells Oswald, "So, look, if I'm gonna be her for 30 days... I'm about to go cold turkey something fierce. Oh, I ain't talking about dope."
Oswald: "Do you know your IQ?"
"There's no stigma attached to mental illness..."
"Before you went, did you have any auditory hallucinations?"
"Voices telling you what to do? Delusions?"

Frankie: "What do you think, I'm crazy?"
Oswald: "Any feelings of paranoia or visual hallucinations?"
"How long have you had these blackouts?"
"Do you have feelings of dissociation?"
"Do you ever have a feeling of dissociation, of being outside of yourself...?"
Alice: "I don't ever smoke, doctor." (0:35)

Patients in the dayroom. Dr. Oswald tells Frankie, "I'm crazy."
Frankie: "You're trying to say I'm crazy." (0:42)

Oswald tells Frankie, "Actually I spent most of the 1950s... on acid."
"LSD. It's a synthetic hallucinogen."
Frankie: "I know what LSD is."
Oswald: "I was investigating the phenomenological effects of LSD-25 on consciousness... We tested over 900 patients."
Frankie: "Yeah, by getting folks high?"
As he injects her arm: "This is just a mild sedative to aid with hypnotic suggestion."
Frankie begins to talk in a child's voice. Frankie switches to Alice: "In my experience, doctors are almost always tiresome bores and frequently drunks." (0:43)

On Oswald's desk: "Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis for Schizophrenia" by Mark Lane (0:49)

Backman reads from Frankie's chart: "History of substance abuse, amnesic episodes, outbursts of rage."
Dr. Strassfield: "Schizophrenia?"
Backman: "Or manic depression, possibly. I was thinking we might want to start her on lithium."
Oswald: "She has a dissociative identity disorder."
Backman: "MPD?"
Oswald: "Under hypnosis and pentobarbital sedation she presented two quite distinct and consistent alters."
Backman: "How could you be sure that it wasn't a transient ego state phenomenon, a mood swing? The girl is a pothead."
Strassman: "You know I'm wary of hypnosis." (0:51)

Frankie tells Oswald, "Multiple personality, huh."
Oswald: "They're... your subconscious."
Frankie: "'Cause I'm crazy as a shit house rat." (0:52)

Sessions with Oswald: "You feel the effects of the sedative?"
Alice: "It's that vile marijuana I can't stand."
Referring to Frankie: "Suffer her hangovers." (0:54)

Oswald tells Backman, referring to Frankie, "Well, one of her multiples does."
"I'm working on having her sign a 6000 voluntary admission... but... I don't want any of the alters to walk out on me."
Backman: "What medication do you have her on?"
Oswald: "Just the sedative when I induce hypnosis. I don't want anything to interfere with her therapy. The wrong medication could cause an alter to predominate."
"If an alter predominates?" (0:58)

Staff place Frankie in a straitjacket after she flies into a rage in the day room. Backman injects her. (1:01)

Oswald asks nurse Pearl, "What triggered the switch?" (1:02)

Alice talks to Oswald about Frankie. (1:07)

Frankie reads her contract: "I the patient agree to take part in the treatment as follows... I understand the objectives of treatment..."(1:09)

Backman tells Frankie, "... I am here to make my evaluation."
Frankie: "Evaluation?"
Backman: "I'm the chief psychiatrist here."
Backman presents a Rorschach ink blot. (1:11)

Oswald tells the others, "You discharged a patient under my care."
He tells Backman, "She was a patient at this hospital. She was deep in therapy."
Backman: "She was an outpatient... Now why didn't you tell your patient that she was free to go?"
Backman: "You were waiting for her multiples to give you the okay?" (1:14)

Frankie's mother Edna tells Oswald, "I didn't know she was seeing a psychiatrist."
Oswald, referring to Frankie: "... the state was paying for her treatment..."
Edna: "She just has these spells, and the child gets agitated sometimes."
Frankie's sister Maxine: "She had one of her crazy moods on."
Oswald: "It's brought on by a repressed trauma." (1:16)

Strip club manager Hal asks stripper Trish, "Do I look retarded?"
Oswald tells Hal, referring to Frankie, "I'm her psychiatrist."
Hal: "She was definitely a whack job... pure psycho." (1:19)

Frankie tells Oswald, referring to her boyfriend Pete, "We was in love, then a car killed him." (1:23)

Oswald hypnotizes Frankie. She cries when she recalls Pete's death. She switches to Alice and back again, alternating. She grieves the death of her newborn baby. (1:26)

Frankie tells Oswald, referring to the baby, "My mama killed it."
"We were going to call her Allice."
Oswald: "But so long as you continue to experience simultaneous co-presence, you have a chance of achieving successful integration."
"You have to understand, treatment is indefinite, and integration is only the beginning." (1:32)

Phrenology bust in office.
Title: "She married a psychiatrist." (1:36)