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Bryan Kaplan, Marisa Costa, Wes Harris, Drew Hicks, Catherine Johnson
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Marine Corp veteran Justin Williams reacts to a flashback of combat with a startle response. (0:01)

Justin rages. (0:07, 0:38, 1:00)

Justin's economics instructor Cheri tell Justin, "Get caught up here, but I don't want you to burn out either." (0:19)

Cheri asks Justin, "What about your disability pay?"
”It's been almost a year, and they still haven't paid your disability?” (0:28)

Cheri tells Justin, "Leave it to our base human instincts, and nobody would do anything that means anything." (0:30)

Cheri tells Justin, "I told you about my crazy past."
”Well, you were engaged to an idiot.”
Justin: ”Two of my guys died yesterday.” (0:42)

His coworker Matt tells Justin he is "Drunk." (0:46)

Matt's friend Pete asks Justin, referring to his combat service, "I mean, isn't it crazy?"
Justin: ”Yeah, it's crazy.” (0:49)

By telephone, Justin asks someone at the Veterans Administration, "I'm calling to find out what's going on with my disability rating." (1:20)

His former employer's wife Maggie tells Justin, "That's crazy." (1:23)

Distraught, Justin appears ready to kill himself, but a call from Cheri interrupts him. (1:30)