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A French Gigolo

Nathalie Baye, Eric Caravaca, Isabelle Carré, Josiane Balasko, Catherine Hiegel, Marilou Berry, Félicité Wouassi, George Aguilar, Sandrine Le Berre, David Rousseau, Guillaume Verdier, Jean-Christophe Folly, Richard Berry, Maria Schneider, Joaquina Belaunde
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Television producer Judith, referring to a gigolo: “Same first name as my ex-husband who I was still hooked on.” (0:04)

Hair salon owner Fanny tells her painter/gigolo husband: “You’re crazy, Marco.” (0:08)

Actress Berenice tells director Alex, “I was hooked.” (0:12)

Marco's painting partner Toutoune tells Marco, “Guy must be nuts.” (0:16)

Judith: “It’s insane.” (0:20)

Actor Jim mimes toking a joint. (0:23)

Her sister and business partner Irene tells Judith, “From the mad inventor. Call him or he’ll drive us nuts.” (0:28)

Fanny: “I’m not the curious type but I have insights.” (0:39)

Fanny: “Three days of anxiety.” (0:40)

A client tells Patrick, “This is crazy.” (0:41)

Fanny’s mom Maggy tells Marco, “You’re crazy.”
Fanny's sister Karine: “A real psychodrama scene!” (0:41)

Marco asks Fanny, “Remember our anxiety?” (0:45)

Judith tells Alex, “If this is a gag I’m in no mood.” (0:51)

Judith tells Alex, “I want to get smashed.” (0:57)

Irene tells Judith, “No, I’ve got a sleeping pill.’ (0:57)

Toutoune tells Marco, “Don’t panic...” (0:60)

Toutoune’s T-shirt: “GOLDEN GANJA” (1:15)

Judith tells Marco, “You’re drunk.” (1:24)

Judith tells Marco, “You were drunk.” (1:27)