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Fried Green Tomatoes

Jessica Tandy, Kathy Bates, Mary Stuart Masterson, Mary-Louise Parker, Cicely Tyson
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All grieve the death of Buddy Threadgoode
Funeral for Buddy (0:15)

Her friend Missy asks Evelyn Couch, "Remember when marriage counselors used to tell you to wrap yourself in cellophane to put a little charge into your marriage?" (0:17)

Her husband Ed asks, "Evelyn, have you gone insane?"
”What we really need... is an assertiveness training class for southern women...” (0:18)

Ed tells Evelyn, "I'd probably be checking you into a loony bin." (0:20)

His sister Idgie visits Buddy’s grave in a church graveyard. (0:22)

Ruth Jamison tells Idgie, "Your mother is so worried about you she thought I might be able to try to talk some sense into you, but you are too busy being selfish." (0:26)

Ruth asks Idgie, "Are you crazy?" (0:30)

Idgie tells Ruth, "I thought I might be crazy or somethin’." (0:35)

Ruth: "Idgie, what's your mother going to say when she sees us both drunk?" (0:37)

Idgie asks Ruth, referring to Ruth's husband Frank, "Did he hit you? Did he beat you?" (0:45)

Ruth tells Idgie, "Mama died..." (0:49)

Julian tells Frank, "Thing is, you might upset big George, and he's crazy." (0:50)

Evelyn tells Ninny, "Maybe I'm just going crazy."
Ninny: ”You need some hormones.”
”You get yourself some hormones...”
Referring to her son Albert: ”... then he went to sleep and didn't wake up.” (0:54)

Idgie tells George, referring to Sheriff Grady Kilgore, "Three solid days, drunk as a dog..."
Sipsey: ”But he sure ain't drunk and now...” (0:59)

When she sees customer Smokey Lonesome with the shakes, Idgie gives him a pint of liquor. (1:01)

Ruth tells Idgie, "Promise me you won't do anything crazy..." (1:10)

Ruth tells Idgie, "I just don't want to be selfish... I remembered having the same reaction after Frank would beat me..." (1:18)

A woman asks Evelyn, "Are you crazy?" (1:22)

Evelyn tells Ninny, "I’ll take on the wife-beaters..."
Ninny: ”How many of them hormones you taking, honey?” (1:23)

Prosecutor: "Miss Threadgoode, you expect 12 intelligent men to believe you?" (1:32)

Judge: "I say Frank Bennett got himself drunk..." (1:36)

Ninny tells Evelyn, "Well I'm glad to see you're in a good mood." (1:38)

Grief overcomes Idgie when Ruth dies. (1:50)

Burial of Ruth (1:51)

Grief overcomes Evelyn, believing Ninny has died. (1:99)

Ninny: "Oh Evelyn, you don't reckon I'm crazy, do you?"
Evelyn: ”No, honey, you're not crazy.” (2:01)

Ninny shows Evelyn Ruth’s grave. (2:09)