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Friend Request (2020)

Augie, Antoinette Bailey, Andrew Barronette
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Asha tells the other girls, "My mom said she read an article about social media stalkers."
”Are you guys crazy?” (0:06)

Ashlyn Franks tells Nevada, "... Asha has been freaking out since we got here." (0:10)

Waitress Trinity asks Ashlyn, "Have you lost your damn mind?"
Young woman: ”Look, my mom’s gonna freak out.” (0:11)

Nevada tells Trinity, "I’m not drunk." (0:13)

Ashlyn’s mother Jessie tells Kaitlin’s mother Jordan, "Everybody’s very worried." (0:20)

Detective Simms tells the parents, "Now I understand everybody’s a little anxious ‘cause you’re dealing with your children." (0:36)

Nevada’s mother Barabara tells Det. Simms, "Nevada’s been acting out lately." (0:38)

Simms tells Nevada’s parents, "We have found Nevada, and unfortunately she has passed."
Grief overcomes the Sanders. (0:50)

Loretta Gilmore: "Mr. and Mrs. Sanders, my name is Loretta Gilmore, and I am a social worker with the department." (0:52)

Meghan C. Zuraw, PhD, referring to traffickers: "They control their victims through physical and mental intimidation... Look for things like a child... they may have a problem with an addiction..." (0:56)