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Friendly Persuasion

Gary Cooper, Dorothy McGuire, Anthony Perkins, Richard Eyer
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Farmer Jess Birdwell tells the others, "That squirrel sits so still he makes me nervous." (0:32)

A fair showman tells Jess, "That’s as soon as you get out of mourning." (0:34)

Pearl Hudspeth tells Jess, "Ain’t no man in this house since Pa died." (0:47)

Pearl’s widow mother Hudspeth tells Jess, referring to Whiskey Pete, "He ain’t drawed a sober breath in 30 years."
”Old drunk.” (0:53)

Gardner “Gard” Jordan tells Jess’s daughter Martha True “Mattie” Birdwell, "I didn’t want to worry you." (1:20)