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CastMickaël Lumière, Manon Azem, Fadily Camara, Eva Danino, Constance Arnoult
Year released2021
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Nurse Thibault Galland tells clothing designer Rose, "The fish’s venom can cause a stroke."
Rose: ”I need medical care.” (0:06)

Maud asks Thibault, "Did you tell her you used to jerk off watching Little Mermaid?" (0:10)

Thibault asks a young patient, "Tagada, the crazy horse?" (0:12)

Thibault tells patient Alicia, referring to another nurse, "Lulu’s giving you your shot today."
Alicia: ”Idiot.”
Lulu injects Alicia. (0:13)

Thibault tells Rose, "No worries." (0:15)

Thibault answers Rose, "No, too much caffeine."
Rose: ”Wouldn’t that be crazy?... Crazy.”
”Wow, crazy.” (0:19)

Lulu tells Thibault, "That’s a confident, charismatic man." (0:28)

Social media influencer Jennifer Paoli tells Thibault, "I went to visit cancer patients." (0:34)

Rose tells Thibault, "I’m a bit stressed."
Thibault: ”Don’t worry.” (0:36)

Jenni tells Thibault, "No drugs or alcohol." (0:40)

Thibault tells Rose, referring to a patient, "I’m hoping he comes out of his coma." (0:50)

Maud tells Thibault, "Don’t worry."
Nurse Lulu tells Thibault, ”If you’re patient, and it works...” (0:53)

Lulu tells Maud, "Don’t worry."
Alexandra tells Lulu and Maud, referring to Rose: ”Her boyfriend’s drunk. For courage.” (0:58)

Rose’s boyfriend Bruno tells Maud, "You drive me crazy."
”No worries.” (1:02)

Partier, referring to Bruno: “Idiot.” (1:04)

Maud tells Lulu and Alexandra, referring to Thibault, "The guy’s an idiot." (1:05)

Jennifer punches Thibault in the face, then knees him and finally kicks him. (1:08)

Burial of Thibault in cemetery (1:16)

Doctor, referring to Thibault: "Don’t worry..."
”Mr. Galland, you experienced a shock....” (1:17)

Rose tells Thibault, "That’s crazy." (1:22)

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