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Funny Farm

CastChevy Chase, Madolyn Smith Osborne, Brad Sullivan, Kevin O'Morrison, Macintyre Dixon, Jack Gilpin, Joseph Maher, Mike Starr, Glenn Plummer, William Duell, Helen Lloyd Breed, Dakin Matthews, William Newman, Alice Drummond, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kevin Conway
Year released1988
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Sports writer Andy asks his school teacher wife Elizabeth, referring to their farm, “Am I crazy, or is it even prettier than the day we bought it?” (0:06)

Andy asks Elizabeth, referring to a driver, “Who is that maniac?”
”That maniac is our mailman.” (0:12)

The moving van driver Crocker tells his helper Mickey, “This is insane.” (0:14)

Andy asks the movers, “Where the hell have you idiots been?” (0:20)

Sheriff Ledbetter tells Elizabeth and Andy, referring to the mailman, “By the time he gets all the way out to here he’s pretty well liquored up and pissed off.” (0:28)

Andy tells Elizabeth, referring to the food, “I am hooked on these.” (0:50)

One teenager asks another, “What, are you nuts?” (1:00)

Andy tells Elizabeth, “I’m always in the mood for good news.” (1:02)

Elizabeth, now a writer, tells Andy about the plot of her book, “... and then there’s these two crazy raccoons that remind me of the Criterion brothers.” (1:05)

Andy asks publisher Michael, “Are you nuts?”
”Look, I know all of this must seem crazy...” (1:10)

Elizabeth asks Andy, “Were you drunk again, or just desperate?” (1:16)

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