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Funny Lady

CastBarbra Streisand, James Caan, Omar Sharif, Roddy McDowall, Ben Vereen, Carole Wells, Larry Gates, Eugene Troobnick, Heidi O'Rourke, Royce Wallace
Year released1975
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Impresario Billy Rose tells entertainer Fanny Brice, "My mother said, ‘A boozer is a loser’." (0:15)

Billy tells Fanny, "You don't think a live moose in that number is gonna get a laugh, you gotta be nuts." (0:33)

Theater marquee: "Crazy Quilt" (0:34)

Entertainer Norma Butler tells the stage manager, "I'm so nervous." (0:35)

The stage manager tells a stagehand, "Tell that idiot to slow that turntable down." (0:36)

Stagehand: "Is this producer nuts?" (0:39)

Fanny tells Billy, "The trouble we got in both acts is that we got an amateur producer who is mashugana for buffalo." (0:40)

Fanny asks Billy, "Are you crazy?"
”Are you crazy?”
”You stupid idiot.”
”What are you, nuts?”
”You must be crazy.” (0:43)

By telephone, Billy's press agent Ned tells someone else, referring to Billy Rose, "He's a maniac." (0:52)

Fanny tells Billy, "Get off the floor, you nut." (0:53)

Fanny asks Billy, "What are you, crazy?" (0:54)

A guest tells Fanny, "Darling, I do adore you, but you are absolutely mad." (1:18)

Fanny tells Billy, "Boy, kid, you are some nut." (1:24)

By telephone, Billy asks Fanny, "What are you worried?" (1:30)

Her ex-husband Nick Arnstein answers Fanny, "A little nervous, I think." (1:48)

Fanny answers Nick, "Like I am, you jerk pervert."
”You still get high on celery tonic?”

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