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Gambit (2012)

Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz, Alan Rickman, Stanley Tucci, Cloris Leachman, Tom Courtenay, Anna Skellern, Senem Temiz, Togo Igawa, Sarah Goldberg
Hermann Goering
Spoiler alert
Blog entry

Narrator, art forger Nigel: “To be grandiose, a heist.” (0:04)

Art curator Harry, “Haystacks Dusk was carted off to Karinhall, the private residence of Air Marshal Hermann Goering...”
”For years now Shabandar has been seeking Haystacks, Dusk with a passion bordering on monomania.” (0:10)

Media moghul Lionel tells chicken plant worker PJ, “The man’s a bit of an idiot...” (0:35)

Katsuhara tells interpreter Chuck, “The idiot Japanese routine works every time.”
Chuck, referring to a channel: “For young teenage wear hair extra crazy...” (0:47)

P.J.: “For Pete’s sakes, Lionel, this time I think you really are trying to get me drunk with all that rice wine and all.” (0:53)

P.J. tells Harry, “Too bad you’re all wrapped up in your crazy scheme.”
Japanese businessman: “Let’s get shitfaced.” (1:04)

Harry tells Nigel, referring to Picasso, “Seems Donald Trump is obsessed with the fellow.” (1:22)