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Garden State

Zach Braff, Natalie Portman, Ian Holm, Peter Sarsgaard, Jean Smart, Jim Parsons
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | Paxil | paroxetine | lithium | Zoloft | sertraline | Celexa | citalopram | Depakote | divalproex | nitrous oxide | cocaine | crack cocaine | Nick Drake
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Actor Andrew’s psychiatrist father Gideon tells him of his mother’s death. (0:02)

Memorial service in a cemetery for Andrew’s mother. (0:05)

Andrew’s gravedigger friend Mark tells him, referring to LA, “I hear that place is like... crazy... He says that place is like mad crazy.” (0:07)

Andrew tells Gideon, “I’ve been getting these really bad headaches though. Um, they’re really quick. It’s like a little lightning storm in my head.” SSRI discontinuation syndrome? (0:09)

Andrew tells his cop friend Kenny, “The last time I saw you you were doing coke lines off a urinal.” (0:12)

A partier smokes a glass pipe. Another partier pass a joint. Each takes a pill. Partier: “Well, we just ate all this... X...” (0:15)

Mark’s mother Carol sets a glass pipe on a table. Carol: “I’ve gotta go to my meeting.”
Mark: “Drive’s me crazy.” He lights the pipe. (0:23)

Office worker Sam asks Andrew, “Didn’t you play the retarded quarterback?”
”Are you really retarded?”
”I mean I thought you were really retarded... He’s actually retarded... if there’s some sort of like retarded Oscar...”
”I can’t believe you’re not really retarded.” (0:27)

Neurologist Dr. Cohen asks Andrew, “Lithium? How long have you been on lithium?”
”And the Paxil, Zoloft, Celexa, Depakote?”
”I can write you a prescription.”
”Have you discussed this with your psychiatrist?”
Andrew: “Well, my psychiatrist is my dad.”
Cohen: “You know our bodies are capable of doing some very funny things when they’re consumed with stress and anxiety.”
”I couldn’t get an erection for a year and a half.”
Andrew: “I don’t really feel like stressed or anxious at all.”
Cohen: “So the lithium he’s had you on... I think you do need to find a psychiatrist that isn’t your father... soon or later, if you’re not in some sort of therapy...” (0:31)

Sam tells Andrew, “It’s like a tic...” (0:38)

Sam tells Andrew. “You’re totally freaked out. You’re totally freaked out right now.”
”You’re like so freaked out right now.” (0:40)

Andrew tells Sam, “My mom just died... My mom just died.” (0:46)

Mark asks Andrew, “How could you leave all that lithium?”
Inventor Jesse: “Everyone’s got their drug of choice.” (0:51)

Andrew tells Sam, “The only parts I get offered are playing handicapped people.” (0:55)

Andrew tells the others, “‘Sent me away’ sounds like I went to some asylum or something.”
”Oh, are you freaked out?”
”My whole life she was depressed for no reason...”
”So they sent me to therapy and put me on these drugs... and when I was 16 my psychiatrist dad... sent me to boarding school.”
Jesse: “I can’t believe the retarded quarterback’s a pill popper.”
Sam: “Got a little buzz.”
Andrew: “I got a little buzz goin’.” (1:00)

Nick Drake sings: “One of These Things First” (1:08)

Retail clerk Karl tells Andrew, “I thought you killed yourself.”
”I thought you killed yourself.”
”Who killed themselves?”
Mark: referring to Tina: “She was anorexic.”
Karl: ”I think it was sleeping pills.”
Mark: “I”ve gotta see a guy about a nitrous tank.” (1:09)

Bell hop Diego tells Sam, “Girls do not... unless it’s for coke...” (1:13)

Andrew: “I mean if you told me we were going on a six-hour scavenger hunt for blow, I would‘ve passed.”
Mark: “If I was gonna get you coke...”
Andrew: “I don’t want this guy taking you ... to find like crack... huffing turpentine...” (1:14)

Albert: “That’s all ego.” (1:19)

Andrew tells Gideon, “‘Cause I don’t have it in my memory.”
”I’m not gonna take those drugs anymore...” (1:28)

Andrew tells Sam, “I fired my psychiatrist.” (1:32)

Mark smokes a glass pipe. (1:34)