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Robert Corff, Elaine Giftos, George Armitage, Ben Vereen, Alan Braunstein, Alex Wilson, Bud Cort, Talia Shire
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Cilla tells Coel about a gas that kills neurons.
An elderly woman in a wheelchair asserts, "They're Medicare. I'm Medicaid." (0:06)

Sharing a joint a man tells the others, "I'd have insanity..."
Another man responds, "We just decided to just to stay stoned until the whole world blows over." (0:08)

A man tells Coel, "We'll take no guff from the dope smoking minority."
A speaker tells his audience about "The suicidal arrogance of ignorance... eliminate... the drug bunch..." (0:08)

Dr. Drake to Coel and Carlos, "I can get you a bogus prescription for 30 cc of methedrine." (0:40)

A man tells his friends, "I'm the sadist." (0:42)

A golfer tells the others, "You're... crazy with dope smoke and cheap wine..." (0:42)

Hooper tells the others about Coralee's death. (0:59)

An Indian tells Carlos, Coel and Cilla, "Actually I'm too stoned from the celebration to be hostile." (1:01)

Radio voices: "Want a hit?"
"The grass is in."
"Take a hit of this baby." (1:04)

In front of a sign "Natural High School" Coel tells a group of kids, "Today's lecture concerns hallucinogenic research."
Kids: "How psychedelic." (1:05)

Coel talks about "some of our largest film studios becoming drug pushers." (1:06)

A woman tells Cilla, "You're having a protein deficiency hallucination." (1:06)