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Gemma Bovery

CastGemma Arterton, Fabrice Luchini, Jason Flemyng, Niels Schneider, Isabelle Candelier, Mel Raido, Elsa Zylberstein
Year released2015
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Baker Martin: “After 12 stressful years Pelletier Publishers... I hoped to find here... a peaceful and balanced life.” (0:02)

His wife Valérie tells Martin, referring to restorer Charlie, “Englishmen don’t shoot themselves.” (0:03)

Martin’s son Julien, referring to Madame Bovary, tells his parents, “The film sucked.”
Martin: ”I’d rather you take drugs than talk crap.” (0:09)

Julien asks his mother Valérie, “Are you crazy?” (0:20)

Martin tells his new neighbor Gemma, Charlie's wife, referring to Flaubert’s character, “She’s almost become an archetype.”
”No, but it seems really wacky.”
Martin: “I don’t know if it’s ‘really wacky’...”
”To counter the cliche, a lot of people take antidepressants in the country.” (0:21)

Gemma faints after a bee sting. (0:28)

Law student neighbor Hervé, referring to his examinations, tells Martin, “I couldn’t care less if I fail them, but my mother will freak out.” (0:28)

Docteur Rivière tells Gemma, “I gave you an antihistamine.” (0:29)

Hervé tells Gemma, “I’m extremely depressed.” (0:35)

Gemma tells her husband, “Yeah, but I’m not really in the mood, Charlie.” (0:37)

Martin tells Gemma, “The chemist is an idiot.” (1:10)

Martin tells Gemma, “At the end, she commits suicide.”
Gemma: ”You’re totally out of your mind. If you think I’d kill myself over a few debts, you don’t know me.” (1:19)

Gemma tells her food critic ex-lover Patrick, referring to Martin, “Crazy man.” (1:22)

The bereaved attend the funeral for Gemma in a cemetery. (1:26) 

Julien tells Martin, referring to Anna Karenina, “Jumped in front of a train.”
”Just crazy.”
Valérie tells Julien, “You scared me, you idiot. What an imbecile.” (1:32)

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