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Get Carter

Michael Caine, Ian Hendry, Britt Ekland, John Osborne, Bryan Mosley
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His gangster boss Gerald Fletcher tells hit man Jack Carter, referring to Jack’s brother Frank, "Look, your brother’s dead and gone." (0:02)

Jack tends to Frank’s body in open casket. (0:11)

Jack’s niece Doreen answers Jack’s question, referring to the police and Frank, "They said he was drunk." (0:14)

Funeral procession followed by memorial service (0:15)

Jack's bartender friend Keith asks Eddie referring to Frank, "You mean like kill himself? No, Frank kill himself?"
Keith: ”He had no worries I know of.”
Eddie tells Jack, ”No, don't worry.” (0:19)

Jack tells Albert Swift's chauffeur Eric, "Bereavement. Death in the family." (0:23)

Gangster Cyril Kinnear tells Jack, "Eric told me of your bereavement." (0:28)

A junkyard man tells Jack, referring to Frank, "He was drunk, drunk as a lord." (0:33)

One thug tells another, referring to yet another, "Don't worry. Don't worry about him." (0:42)

Cliff Brumby tells Jack, "Listen, I'm not in the mood for playing silly buggers." (0:50)

Frank’s Girlfriend Margaret tells Jack, referring to Frank,"He said he'd kill himself." (1:02)

Jack tells Glenda,"You’re drunk." (1:06)

Cliff tells Jack, "it seems that you're concerned about the death of your brother."
”So I'm worried.” (1:07)

Margaret tells Jack, "Don’t worry." (1:11)

Brumby tells the others, referring to Jack, "That bloody madman." (1:28)

Eric gives Jack drug paraphernalia. (1:32)

Jack injects Margaret with an unidentified drug, rendering her unconscious. (1:38)