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Get Shorty

John Travolta, Gene Hackman, Rene Russo, Danny DeVito
Drug Enforcement Administration | Rita Hayworth | Charlton Heston | meperidine | Demerol
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Mobster Chili Palmer tells his thug Tommy Carlo, "Don’t worry about it." (0:03)

Mob boss Ray “Bones” Barboni asks Chili, "What are you, ... nuts?" (0:03)

Poster for The Thin Man on Chili's office wall (0:04)

Bones tells his boss Jimmy Capp, "I mean, he’s running amok." (0:04)

Casino man Dick Allen tells Chili, referring to Leo Devoe, "What a moron."
”You’re gonna love this guy, another... moron...”” (0:11)

Chili tells actor Karen Flores, referring to Leo Devoe, "So the guy’s nervous."
Film director and producer Harry Zimm: ”But it’s driving the guy nuts...” (0:18)

Drug dealer Bo Catlett tells Yayo Portillo, "That’s a federal officer, most likely DEA."
”... powders we stepped on so many times...” (0:23)

Harry tells Chili, referring to a movie script, "No mutants or maniacs. It gonna be my Driving Miss Daisy."
”Anyway, Murray has a shrink who happens to be Martin’s personal trainer’s shrink. So Murray gives the shrink the script, the shrink gives it to Martin’s trainer...” (0:26)

Chili tells Harry, "I don’t... around with his trainer’s shrink."
”His shrink’s trainer.” (0:33)

Karen tells Chili, "You know, like in that great Bette Davis movie, Cabin in the Cotton..."
Chili: ”Hey, you know that movie, Touch of Evil is playing near my hotel... Go watch Charlton Heston be a Mexican.” (0:35)

Karen enters the theater where Chili watches Touch of Evil. (0:43)

Actor Martin Weir tells Chili, "Refresh my memory."
”... while the metaphor plays on different levels.” (0:57)

Chili tells Karen, "It was Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford." (0:59)

Doris Saffron tells Harry, referring to her writer husband, "Murray’s dead."
”Oh, don’t worry, Harry.” (1:04)

A man tells Chili, "Agent Curtis, Drug Enforcement..." (1:09)

Drug dealer Escobar tells Bo, referring to his nephew Yayo Portillo, "Personally, I think he’s a retard."
”Meanwhile, my sister’s going crazy... She’s worried.”
Bo: ”Because there were a zillion DEA guys hanging around the terminal.”
Bo: ”Mr. Escobar, maybe your nephew panicked and took off.” (1:15)

Karen tells Chili, "Not a worry in the world." (1:19)

Doris tells Chili and Karen, referring to Harry, "He’s full of Demerol." (1:22)

Bo: "He’s going to plea deal his way out, give up his ace stunt man, now one of the West Coast dope kings, if they go easy on the cat." (1:24)

Martin tells Harry, "I’m really glad that you rejected me 10 years ago when I auditioned for the part of Eddie Solomon, the pedophile clown in Birthday Boy."
Referring to the money: ”I mean, they rationalize taking it, but in the end, they can’t.” (1:26)

Chili tells Karen, "Sounds like Rio Bravo." (1:30)

Bo tells Chili, "Only this time it ain’t no John Wayne or Dean Martin shooting bad guys in El Dorado."
Chili: ”That was Rio Bravo. Robert Mitchum played the drunk in El Dorado. Dean Marin played the drunk in Rio Bravo.” (1:33)