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Getting Straight

CastElliott Gould, Candice Bergen, Robert F. Lyons, Jeff Corey, Max Julien, Cecil Kellaway, Jon Lormer, Leonard Stone, William Bramley, Jeannie Berlin
Year released1970
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Student Nick tells student Harry, “We’ll turn on.”
“We’ll turn on.” (0:03)

Harry tells Ellis, “I will arrange it for you man, with the analyst, and the astrologist and the two neurotic kids, and the payments on the pool.” (0:10)

Sheila reads to Harry, “The Complete Unexpurgated Works of the Marquis de Sade.”
Harry: “No, I think it was the Marquis de Sade.” (0:21)

Harry tells his landlady, “That’s insane Mrs. Kuntz.” (0:26)

His friend Jan tells Harry, “I dropped out of that lunacy long before I met you.” (0:29)

HIs friend Nick, smoking a bong, tells Harry, “I mean the loony tune...” He smokes a joint. (0:32)

irl: “We should be permitted to circulate a petition for a referendum to legalize grass.” (0:34)

Wade tells Harry: “12 year old girls on LSD.”
Jan: “Taking LSD at 12. I mean what kind of trip could that be?”
Harry: ”Wade, those kids are protesting a bunch of maniacs...” (0:44)

Partier girl tells partier guy, “This is crazy...” (0:48)

Jan: “Hendrick, you maniac, later.”
She tells Harry, “I know that it’s the insane American syndrome...”
”Thank you, Ernest Hemingway, Philip Roth, Norman Mailer, F. Scott Fitzgerald! (0:49)

Harry tells Luan, “Fitzgerald.” (0:54)

Harry: “Nick, are you high?”
”I can smell the brownies on your breath.” (0:56)

Jan tells Harry, “I hope that doesn’t sound too much like your precious Fitzgerald.”
Harry: ”Look, it doesn’t sound like Fitzgerald.”
Female protestor: ”If you have to play Virginia Woolf...” (0:58)

Harry tells Dr. Greengrass the money “... should be just about enough to grab a cab to the nearest doc... where you can jump off and drown yourself.” (1:06)

Harry tells Nick, “You’re on a bummer.”
Nick: “I’m straight.”
Harry: “What a crazy thing to do, Nick.”
”Nick, you’re out of your mind.” (1:11)

Jan’s neighbor Jake tells Harry, referring to Nick, “He’s crazy.”
Harry: “He’s really flipped.” (1:14)

Harry tells Jan, “Jesus, I really get crazy...” (1:23)

Harry tells professor Dr. Vandenburg, “You’re crazy.”
”I said, you’re crazy.”
”You’ll drive them crazy Dr. Vandenburg.”
Vandenburg: ”Go read Kinsey...” (1:30)

Harry tells Dr. Willhunt, “If you like I can take the exam again right now and get a better grade than this maniac did in the booklet.” (1:38)

Harry: “And if I start talking to you, I know we’re going to have an insane fight, and I don’t want to fight.”
Self-destructive Harry Bailey.”
”Just say, ‘Goodbye, Mr. Chips.’” (1:40)

Harry tells Nick, “The marines want guys that were crazy about killing. They don’t want guys who are just crazy.” Harry pushes marijuana back into a hole cut into Nick’s book. (1:49)

Harry tells the board of examiners, “Fitzgerald is, for one.”
”His great illusion...”
Professor: ”Precisely, but not attractive enough to overshadow the primary repressed lust that of Carraway for Gatsby!”
”F. Scott Fitzgerald was driven by a terrible need to express his own homosexual panic through his characters Mr. Bailey.”Harry: “Homosexual panic?”
”Zelda is not gonna believe that.”
”The writers of your century had their hang-ups too.” (1:51)

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