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The Ghost And Mrs. Muir

Gene Tierney, Rex Harrison, George Sanders, Edna Best, Vanessa Brown, Anna Lee
George Sanders | Gene Tierney
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Rental agent Mr. Coombe tells widow Lucy, "Well, I've selected several prospects suitable to a young lady in bereaved circumstances." (0:05)

Coombe tells Lucy, referring to sea captain Daniel, "No, he committed suicide." (0:13)

Lucy explains to Daniel, "I mean because you committed suicide."
Daniel: "What made you think I committed suicide?"
"Then the coroner's jury brought in a suicide because me blasted charwoman testified I always slept with me windows open."
Lucy: "I mean because you didn't commit suicide..." (0:23)

Daniel tells Lucy, "All you see is an illusion. (0:29)

Lucy tells Daniel, "I happen to have been wearing mourning for my husband."
"I suppose you're jealous because no one put on mourning for you." (0:33)

Lucy's sister-in-law Eva tells Lucy, "You're obviously insane..." (0:40)

Daniel uses post-hypnotic suggestion to erase sleeping Lucy's conscious memory of their relationship: "You've been dreaming... dreaming of a sea captain that haunted this house..." (1:21)