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Ghost Dad

Bill Cosby, Kimberly Russell, Denise Nicholas, Ian Bannen, Christine Ebersole, Barry Corbin, Salim Grant, Brooke Fontaine
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His son Danny tells his sisters, referring to their businessman father Elliot, “It’s some sort of optical illusion.” (0:20)

Elliot tells parapsychologist Sir Edith, “My wife died a few years ago...” (0:27)

Secretary Carol tells Elliot’s daughter Diane, referring to Elliot, “Everybody’s been going crazy looking for him.” (0:34)

Danny tells his friend Stuart, referring to Diane, “She’s having a nervous breakdown.” (0:43)

Diane tells Elliot, referring to Romeo and Juliet, “He took poison for her.” (0:45)

His neighbor Joan tells Elliot, “I must be nuts.”
Elliot: “Joan, I want you to know that I am absolutely crazy about you.”
”It’s just a little performance anxiety.” (0:49)

Stuart faints when he sees Elliot’s head disappear in the light. (0:53)

Other students wrap Danny in a straightjacket and chains. (0:56)

Stuart faints during Danny’s magic trick. (1:01)

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