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Ghost World

CastThora Birch, Scarlett Johansson, Steve Buscemi, Brad Renfro, Illeana Douglas, Bob Balaban, Stacey Travis, Daniel Graves, Ashley Peldon
Year released2001
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Scene from Gumnaam. (0:00)

Graduation speaker: “In coming to terms with my own personal setback I have been able to learn that I don’t need to rely on drugs and alcohol...” (0:02) 

Enid tells her student friend Rebecca, “God, what a bunch of retards.”
Enid, referring to the graduation speaker: “I liked her so much better when she was an alcoholic crack addict.” (0:04)

Enid tells Rebecca, “It’s actually totally depressing.” (0:07)

Radio voice: “Is it crazy for an oil company to care about the environment?” (0:07)

Enid reads to Rebecca from personals: “Am I crazy, or did we have a moment?”
”I know, and he’s like psychotically obsessing over every little detail.” (0:12)

Enid tells Rebecca, referring to her father and Maxine, “If he starts dating her again I’ll kill myself.” (0:13)

Rebecca asks convenience store clerk Josh, referring to, Seymour, the guy in the personals, “If this guy freaks out, will you protect us?”
Josh: “This guy has every reason to freak out.” (0:16)

Enid tells the others, referring to Seymour, “He’s insane.” (0:19)

Rebecca tells Enid, referring to Seymour, “Yeah, he should totally just kill himself.” (0:24)

Enid tells Rebecca referring to Norman sitting on a bench, “I wonder if he’s just totally insane, or he really thinks bus is coming.” (0:27)

The comic store clerk tells a customer, “Whoever told you that bullshit about boiling is out of his mind.” (0:29)

A customer tells video store clerk Jamie, “I am looking for a copy of 8 1/2.”
Jamie: “Here it is, 9 1/2 Weeks with Mickey Rourke.” (0:36)

Seymour asks Enid, “You think it’s healthy to obsessively collect things?” (0:41)

Seymour tells Enid, “I mean as long as she’s not a complete imbecile...” (0:42)

Enid tells Maxine, “I’m taking a remedial high school art class for... retards.” (0:48)

Art teacher Roberta finishes a sentence for student Margaret: “This shocking image of repressed femininity.” (0:49)

Enid tells Rebecca, “He’s like the biggest idiot of all time.”
”Sometimes I think I’m going crazy from sexual frustration.” (0:49)

Seymour yells at people crossing in front of his car, “What, are you hypnotized?” (0:52)

Enid tells Seymour, “We just need to find a place where you can meet someone who isn’t a complete idiot.” (0:55)

Enid tells Seymour, “I’d go nuts if I had to work in an office all day.” (0:57)

A potential customer tells Enid, “You’re crazy.” (1:03)

Enid tells Seymour, “... but I can’t do anything about it because Becky would totally freak out.”
Dana’s voice on answering machine: “God, this is really confusing.”(1:05)

Enid tells Rebecca, “You’re insane.” (1:07)

Dana tells Seymour, “I think you should trust your instincts.” (1:08)

Enid asks Rebecca, “What am I supposed to say, ‘Gee I can’t wait to live in some depressing shit-hole out in the middle of nowhere’?”
”Because you’ll totally freak out and act like a psycho about it.”
Rebecca: “You’re the psycho.” (1:21)

Rebecca asks whom she believes to be Enid knocking on the door, “What’s wrong with you retard?” (1:36)

Enid tells Seymour, “You seem a little stoned. What are you on?”
Seymour: “High on life.”
Enid: “You are such a stupid idiot.” (1:39)

Seymour in psychotherapy session. (1:44)

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