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Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Mitchell, Faye Dunaway, Mercedes Ruehl, Mila Kunis, Kylie Travis
Gia Allemand | cocaine | methadone | pentobarbital | Nembutal
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Man, referring to supermodel Gia, "She always followed her instincts, no matter where they took her." (0:01)

Gia’s father Joseph: "Yeah, I knew about the drugs." (0:02)

Gia’s friend: "I was afraid of the drugs, the way people used them." (0:02)

"Are you crazy?" (0:04)

Short order cook Gia asks a customer, "Are you nervous?"
”Am I making you nervous?” (0:06)

By telephone, modeling agent Wilhelmina Cooper tells Gia, "You're nervous about tomorrow."
”Well, everybody's nervous on their first shoot.”
”Take 1/2 of the Nembutal, the yellow and black.”
Gia swallows a pill from a prescription bottle. (0:20)

Man snorting poppers. (0:33)

Her friend Stephanie tells Gia, "I need to blow." (0:34)

Gia snorts cocaine. (0:34)

Gia opens a prescription bottle. (0:43)

Gia snorts cocaine. (0:46)

Photographer Franceso Scavullo tells Gia, "It's confusing." (0:47)

Wilhelmina snorts a drug then offers some to Gia who snorts it. (0:49)

Gia inhales a drug through a glass tube. (0:53)

Funeral for Wilhelmina (0:56)

Gia grieves. She inhales more of a drug. (0:57)

A woman asks Gia, "Chasing the dragon, are you?" (0:59)

Gia walks into a shooting gallery.
”I'm sick, you... junkies.”
Junkie: ”I'll give you my shot.”
Gia: ”I don't shoot.”
The junkie injects her arm with heroin. (1:02)

Linda: "I was afraid of the drugs, the way people used them." (1:06)

A nurse tells Gia, "It's your responsibility to come in every day and take the methadone." (1:08)

Gia’s mother Kathleen tells Gia, "It's very depressing, this apartment."
”I hate what this methadone is doing to your shoulders.” (1:10)

Kathleen, referring to Gia: "She bought the drugs, and then she took off in the car like a crazy person. You know that old joke, ‘How can you tell when a junkie is lying?’ Her lips are moving." (1:11)

Gia asks a policeman, "Are you crazy?" (1:12)

Agent Mike Mansfield tells Gia, "Everyone's aware of the drug problem."
Gia: ”Well, I'm clean now...”
Mansfield: ”I want you to tell the world that you once had a drug problem, and now you don't.” (1:13)

Gia snorts a drug. (1:16)

An interviewer tells Gia, "At one point, you kind of got into the drug scene, didn't you?" (1:17)

Gia tells Linda, "I did one... line, one line." (1:19)

Gia injects herself. (1:25)

Photographer's assistant, referring to Gia: "What about the tracks on her arms?" (1:29)

Gia in the throes of heroin withdrawal in a rehab center. (1:36)

Another patient in a psychotherapy group tells Gia, "... I remember thinking I'm supposed to look like that and going... crazy because I don't." (1:37)

Kathleen: "I said to them, ‘Look, I'm not the drug addict here.” (1:37)

By telephone, Gia leaves a message for Linda: "We're supposed to ask forgiveness of the people that we hurt when we were drugging." (1:38)

Gia tells Kathleen, "It's the drugs, they're coming out of my system." (1:41)

Her doctor tells Gia, referring to AIDS, "... Intravenous drug users seem to be an especially high risk group..." (1:43)

Linda tells Gia,, "I was so nervous about seeing you." (1:48)

Gia’s friend T.J.: "She wanted to get a video camera and do this thing where she talk to kids about drugs." (1:56)

Kathleen, referring to Gia: "She died around 10 o’clock in the morning..." (1:58)