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The Girl on the Bridge (1999)

Vanessa Paradis, Daniel Auteuil, Frederic Pfluger, Demetre Georgalas, Catherine Lascault, Isabelle Petit-Jacques, Mireille Mosse, Didier Lemoine, Bertie Cortez, Nicola Donato
Valium | diazepam
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A psychiatrist interviews Adèle who says, “If I hadn't got picked up I might've jumped in front of a truck.”
”A psychologist. He diagnosed I was depressed and bent over backward to cure me.”
”The judge said it has the most depressed people in France.”
”He was depressed too.” (0:04)

Adèle prepares to jump from a bridge into the Seine. Gabor tells her, ”You’re depressing me.”
”If you really want to end it all I can take you on a trial basis.” She jumps. (0:09)

Gabor tells an orderly, “They’re all wacko. (0:14)

Another patient asks Gabor, “You’re Schizoid?”
Gabor: “Manic-eccentric.”
”All that excess grief she’s carying.”
Ad: “I can’t even drown myself.” (0:15)

Gabor asks Adèle, “Valium?” (0:21)

A pilot tells Adèle, “I’m about to faint with desire for you.”
The piIot asks Gabor, “Who’s cracked?” (0:23)

Gabor tells Adèle, “Make yourself look anxious, tragic.” (0:29) 

Adèle asks Gabor, “From stress?" (0:40)

A woman from his audience asks Gabor, “You do hypnosis? I’m aching to be hypnotized.” (0:42)

Gabor tells Adèle, “Beware of athletes. 75% are morons...” (0:43)

Gabor tells Adèle, referring to a scarecrow, “He was suicidal.” (0:53)

Gabor tells Adèle “You’re a workaholic.” (0:54)

Gabor stands in front of a train. At the last moment it turns. (0:57)

Passenger Takis tells Gabor, “My wife wants me to quit smoking.” (1:07)

Gabor tells Adèle, referring to Takis, “He’s depressive.” (1:10)

Takis’ bride contemplates jumping overboard. (1:12)

Gabor tells a homeless Turk, “I need it in case I get an attack of the blues.” (1:21)

Gabor prepares to jump from a bridge. (1:25)