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A Girl Like Her

CastHunter King, Lexi Ainsworth, Jimmy Bennett
Year released2015
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Jessica removes from the medicine cabinet a prescription bottle that appears to be labeled hydrocodone acetaminophen. (0:02)

Jessica opens the bottle and swallows all the capsules. (0:03)

Emergency technician: "16 year old female overdosed on hydrocodone..."
Nurse: "Get a social worker in here." (0:05)

Title: "As filming begins, rumors start circulating around the school that a student, sophomore Jessica Burns, attempted suicide." (0:07)

Title: "Sherry Sims Psychology Teacher." (0:08)

Dr. Weber, referring to Jessica: "She was unresponsive from an overdose of hydrocodone." (0:11)

Physics teacher Mr. Hipple tells the class, "Suicide, successful suicide, is permanent. Suicide is not temporary." (0:14)

Title: "Charlotte Whitehead Counselor" (0:15)

Jessica's father Gerald: "Little girls don't just start taking drugs..." (0:16)

Student: making that team to the psycho coach that she had..." (0:34)

Jessica's friend Brian: "And she like moved her arm to try to block it... and Avery just went nuts." (0:43)

Avery tells Jessica, "This is depressing." (0:48)

Brian tells interviewer Amy, referring to Jessica, "I mean, she got nervous." (0:48)

Avery asks Jessica, "Why don't you just go kill yourself?"
Text message: "Go kill yourself." (0:50)

Title: "At the South Brookdale School Board meeting, Jessica Burns' suicide attempt and rumors of bullying has parents concerned."
Parent: "And what if it was your own children that tried to take their own life?" (0:54)

Her friend Emily tells Avery, "A bunch of people are saying that you're the one to blame for Jessica's suicide."
Avery: "Why is everyone stressing out so much about it?" (0:58)

Student: "Avery Keller's like gone nuts." (1:06)

Brian tells Jessica, referring to Avery, "Maybe she hates herself." (1:15)

Dr. Weber: "I need epinephrine, please."
"Administering epinephrine."(1:15)

Avery: "I am the one responsible for Jessica Burns killing herself." (1:21)

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