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Girl Most Likely

Kristen Wiig, Annette Bening, Matt Dillon, Darren Criss, Christopher Fitzgerald, June Diane Raphael, Natasha Lyonne, Bob Balaban
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Playwright Imogene composes a suicide note before retrieving pills from a prescription bottle. (0:10) 

Sign: “Psychiatric Unit
Imogene tells Dr. Chalmers, “For the ten millionth time, I wasn’t really trying to kill myself.”
Imogene: ”She has an impulse control problem...”
Chalmers: ”Can you describe the symptoms of your mother’s impulse problem?” (0:13)

Chalmers asks Imogene’s mother Zelda, “Are you familiar with a 5150 hold?”
”A 5150 means that it is our duty to hold anyone who poses a threat to themselves for at least 72 hours...” (0:15)

Zelda tells Imogene, “They said that you tried to kill yourself and they were going to lock you up with schizophrenians [sic].” (0:19) Imogene: “Apparently I should be a professional suicide writer.” (0:20)

Zelda tells Imogene, “Honey, please don’t kill yourself over this.” (0:31)

Imogene tells her mother’s border Lee, “Fine, then I will stay here, and I will kill myself...”
”My sanity hangs in the balance...”
”... on the brink of a mental breakdown...” (0:44)

Imogene tells the others, “This place has crazy lights.” (1:03)

Imogene: “I feel like I’m dying.”
Lee: “I think that’s because you’re hungover.” (1:09)

Imogene tells Lee, “... I need to go there and prove to them that I’m sane...” (1:10)

Imogene’s friend Dara tells another woman, referring to Imogene, “As you can see, she is not in her right mind.” (1:16)

Imogene tells her writer father Maxwell, “I started reading your book on agrarian America, and I had no idea that Pilgrims were alcoholics.”
Maxwell: ”They preferred the taste of beer to water, thus contributing to their notorious legacy of being drunk sodomists.” (1:21)

Is Zelda a pathological gambler? Does her partner George typify schizotypal personalit disorder? Paranoid personality disorder? Does Ralph suffer from Asperger's