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Girl in the News

CastMargaret Lockwood, Barry Barnes, Emlyn Williams, Roger Livesey, Margaretta Scott, Wyndham Goldie
Year released1940
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Miss Blaker tells nurse Anne, "If I could only sleep... Yesterday they refused to let me have my sleeping tablets."
"Couldn't you let me have my sleeping tablets now?" (0:03)

Miss Blaker takes a bottle labeled "Somenol" from the medicine cabinet. (0:05)

Miss Blaker's physician tells the court, "I came to the conclusion that death was due to an overdose of Somenol..." (0:07)

Defense attorney Stephen gives closing arguments to the jury: "Either the prisoner is innocent or she's... a homicidal maniac obsessed by the idea of gain." (0:09)

Patient Edward tells Anne, "Sometimes I'm rather sauced..." (0:19)

The pharmacist reaches for a bottle of Somenol. (0:23)

Anne tells maid Elie, "It's Mrs. Bentley's sleeping tablets." (0:27)

Dr. Threadgrove tells Edward's wife Judith, "Mrs. Bentley, I don't want to stress you at a time like this..."
"Well the symptoms are consistent with Somenol poisoning." (0:34)

Dr. Threadgrove tells a detective, "Suicide, I'm afraid."
"Depression. Sudden impulse to suicide."
"He had moments of depression."
"Then it couldn't have been suicide." (0:34)

Anne swoons after Stephen tells her Edward has died. He asks a train conductor: "Can't you see she's fainted?" (0:42)

Anne asks Stephen, "This makes me a homicidal maniac, doesn't it?" (0:43)

Detective Bill tells Stephen, "There was a clumsy attempt to make it look like suicide." (0:47)

Dr. Threadgrove on the witness stand: "I came to the conclusion that the symptoms were those of Somenol poisoning."
"It appeared to be a case of suicide."
Stephen addresses the judge: "... the deceased couldn't have committed suicide." (1:02)

Judith poisons herself and falls to the floor. (1:15) 

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