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Glass (2019)

Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy, Sarah Paulson, Anya Taylor Joy, Luke Kirby, Spencer Treat Clark, Rob Yang, Adam David Thompson, Marisa Brown, Charlayne Woodard
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Security business owner and superhuman vigilante David Dunn tells his son Joseph, referring to an evil superhuman, "When we find this Horde, I'll take a mental health day." (0:05)

Kevin Wendell Crumb (aka The Horde, because of his multiple personalities) as alter Hedwig (0:09)

Kevin’s alter The Beast (0:14)

Psychiatrist Ellie Staple addresses Kevin as David. (0:19)

Joseph's computer screen: "Raven Hill Memorial - Psychiatric Research Hospital... Psychiatric Facility" (0:19)

Addressing Dunn: "My name is Dr. Ellie Staple, and I'm a psychiatrist... This is a hypnosis light."
Addressing Kevin: ”If, for some reason, there's a threatening identity in the room, the light will automatically strobe and force a different identity to take over.”
Staple tells Dunn, ”I specialize in a particular type of delusion of grandeur.”
Staple tells Kevin, ”I have been given three days to treat you by whatever means necessary.” (0:20)

Staple tells Mrs. Price, referring to her son Elijah, "They keep him heavily sedated. This is an enormous amount of sedation."
Mrs. Price: ”When they first brought him here, he memorized a blueprint left out from an electrician and short-circuited the power to the whole Hospital.”
Staple: ”Would it surprise you to know there are more and more people who have this delusion?” (0:28)

Hedwig asks Staple, "You treat people who think they’re comic book characters or something?" (0:33)

Staple tells Joseph, referring to David, "If I don't get him to give up his delusion, he will remain in institutions like this for the rest of his life."
Referring to the death of Joseph's mother: ”That was cataclysmic for you and your dad.” (0:36)

Young Joseph tells his father, "Don't worry." (0:38)

Sign: "Raven Hill Memorial Psychiatric Hospital." (0:39)

One of Kevin's alters tells student Casey Cooke, "Don't worry." (0:41)

Staples tells Elijah Price, "Out of respect for your cognitive abilities I have installed cameras on every floor..." (0:45)

Hedwig tells Staples, referring to Kevin’s alters, "We're not crazy."
Staples tells David, ”It's just this, plus an anchoring incident, and you would have the pattern for this disorder that I treat.”
”You definitely have one of the markers for this disorder, Elijah, as do you Kevin. These are the medical reasons I'm thinking you have this disorder.”
Staples asks David, ”An intuition?”
”What does the intuition feel like?”
”These are the clothes that the patient next to you came in with when he arrived... Someone who fit the bill of someone with this disorder, intuited, ’This might be the person I'm looking for’...”
Staples tells Kevin, ”It was kind of an obsession.”
”It was a practical observation that produced a practical skill set in an altar.” (0:51)

Comic store clerk: "You're not one of those Hello Kitty pervs?"
Joseph: ”Prove to someone I'm not crazy.” (0:57)

Hospital technician Pierce: "I must be losing my mind." (1:02)

Elijah tells Kevin’s alter Patricia, "Replaced the original dose of medicine with the same amount of aspirin." (1:06)

Staple tells a technician, referring to Elijah, "Not too much pressure when restraining him."
”It's a sedative.” (1:09)

Kevin tells Elijah (now Mr. Glass), "Everybody knows the priest dies at the end of The Exorcist." (1:14)

Elijah tells Pierce, "This is where they would paint you with big eyes and bubbles of confusion above your head." (1:23)

Staple tells Casey, "Comic books are an obsession." (1:28)

Staple, on the intercom: "All patients locked in their rooms... The patients are planning to go to the public opening of the Osaka Tower, the tallest building." (1:30)

Patricia tells Mr. Glass, "Don't worry." (1:32)

Staples, by radio: "Keep patients and staff away from the south side windows." (1:34)

Casey tells the police officers, referring to Kevin: "He has DID... He has DID." (1:36)

Kevin's father Clarence reads a brochure: "DID Treatment & Therapy" (1:39)

Mr. Glass tells Kevin (The Horde), "He almost convinced me I was crazy." (1:41)

Joseph reacts with grief to the death of his father. (1:51)

Staple: "These patients were very disturbed... everything that occurred was related to drugs in their systems or their heightened state of mania. For the patients’ privacy let's keep what happened in this building and this parking lot to ourselves." (1:53)

Staple: "This was a suicide mission." (1:57)

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