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Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

CastJanelle Monáe, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., Jessica Henwick, Madelyn Cline, Kate Hudson, Dave Bautista
Year released2022
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Governor Claire Debella, on television: "We are losing our minds." (0:01)

By videoconference, a colleague tells scientist Lionel Toussaint, referring to the billionaire tech company owner, "You can’t keep making excuses for every one of Miles Bron’s insane whims."
Lionel: ”Genius always looks like insanity at first... genius or insanity?” (0:01)

By videoconference, a friend tells detective Benoit Blanc, "We’re worried about you, buddy."
Blanc: ”I think I might be going insane.” (0:12)

Claire tells Blanc, "Miles does... some nutso invitation..." (0:16)

Claire asks Bron, "Are we allowed to hug after the whole Men In Black thing?"
Video game streamer Duke Cody tells Bron, ”This is a dream.”
Bron: ”Not a dream...”
Bron tells Duke, ”My man, patience, patience.” (0:20)

Blanc tells Bron, "... that is just crazy."
”I’m very confused.” (0:24)

Fashion designer Birdie Jay tells her assistant Peg, "Don’t worry." (0:29)

Bron tells Blanc, "They’re gonna call you crazy." (0:34)

Bron: "Klear is going to be powering people’s dreams..." (0:44)

Blanc tells Bron, "I like the glass onion as a metaphor..."
Bron: ”I know it’s probably hard to have sympathy for the... billionaire...” (0:50)

Birdie: "Or we can get drunk..." (0:54)

Blanc: "I’m afraid Mr. Cody is dead."
The others react to Duke’s death.
Blanc smacks Bron in the face. (1:00)

Blanc: "Do not panic." (1:05)

Helen tells Blanc, referring to Andi, "My twin sister committed suicide... in her car, in her garage, with the engine running."
”Andi didn’t commit suicide.”
”... she’s dead in the garage with sleeping pills in her system?”
”Are you insane?”
”... this sounds nuts.” (1:11)

Helen tells Blanc, "This is nuts."
”I don't drink.”
Blanc: ”... Miles Bron is not an idiot.” (1:18)

Helen tells Blanc, "Miles meets some sketchy Norwegian scientist at an ayahuasca ceremony in Peru... He becomes obsessed." (1:21)

Andi rages. (1:23)

Birdie: "Don’t worry." (1:28)

Helen tells Blanc, "... I was kind of confused."
Blanc: ”They’ve come to... make amends.”
Helen: ”We need to focus. We need to focus.” (1:29)

Peg tells Birdie, "My therapist says this is a toxic relationship." (1:37)

Blanc tells Helen, "Don’t worry about being neat." (1:40)

Poster: "CANNABIS" (1:41)

Headline on Helen’s mobile device:: "Cassandra Brand found dead from suspected suicide." (1:41)

Helen tells Duke’s girlfriend and assistant Whiskey, "I’m not trying to kill you, you crazy bitch." (1:42)

Blanc tells the others, "I expected intelligence..."
”’Inbreathiate.’ It’s not a word.”
”Miles Bron is an idiot.”
”... focus on the envelope.”
Whiskey reacts to Duke’s death.
Duke shows Bron his mobile device: ”Cassandra Brand died of apparent suicide...” (1:47)

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