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Go Ask Alice

William Shatner, Jamie Smith-Jackson, Ruth Roman, Wendell Burton, Julie Adams, Andy Griffith, Ayn Ruymen, Jennifer Edwards, Robert Carradine, Mackenzie Phillips
glue | hormone | amphetamine | Benzedrine | cocaine | heroin | ketamine | lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana
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Alice, referring to her diary: "... it's even more important that I have someplace to be me, to say what I really think, and not to worry about how it sounds to anyone else." (0:01)

Her mother tells Alice, "... you'll know it when the hormones come into your bloodstream."
Alice: ”Yeah, what about when the hormones enter the boys’ bloodstreams? Zap. Instant sex maniacs.” (0:03)

Alice, referring to partiers: "I just hope some of the kids don't start that number about dope or drinking." (0:12)

A partier tells Alice, "Don't worry."
”You're going to have a beautiful trip.” (0:14)

Alice: "For the first time in my life I felt beautiful, free and uninhibited. Now that it's over, I'm not sure whether I'm ashamed or elated." (0:15)

Alice: "This summer is getting pretty skitzy now, tripping with Richie at night, playing it straight in the daytime. Mom and Dad don't suspect anything as far as drugs go, of course, but their nagging about my hair, and clothes, and attitude are enough to drive me crazy. That, plus my monthly pregnancy scare, makes me borrow a lot of Mom and Dad’s tranquilizers, but they never miss them." (0:16)

Alice: "Whenever I get hungry or tired I just pop a Benny. Richie even gives me this stuff to have when I'm alone and want to turn on." (0:17)

A young man snorts a line of cocaine.
Alice, referring to her friend Beth: ”Sometimes I wish every straight kid could be turned on like I was, just once... I thought about inviting her, but she would have gotten really uptight when we started doing this stuff.”
"Stoned out of our minds, and my own parents can't tell the difference." (0:19)

Alice tells her mother, "If you weren't so uptight about yourselves you wouldn't be bugging me all the time." (0:21)

Alice, referring to her parents: "Wish Richie were here to straighten them out, then I wouldn't have to zonk myself to get over moments like this. Between the downs at home, and the uppers at school, to get over the downs, I'm popping more pills than I can keep track of." (0:23)

Alice’s friend asks the others, "Did you hear about Bill getting busted, for possession and dealing?"
Richie: ”He's pushing at the junior high.”
”Anybody who wants to pay for a high is going to find a source.”
Alice smokes a joint.
Richie asks Alice, ”You haven't had any speed yet, have you?”
He puts some in her mouth. (0:23)

Alice: "When I'm with Richie and we're both high, it's a really wild feeling, but when we’re not high, he seems to forget about me... Sometimes I find myself wondering what it, what it's like without dope, just feeling things straight." (0:25)

A boy tells Alice, "I'm pushing at the grade school." (0:26)

Alice tells her father Sam, referring to Richie, "... he can't prescribe medicine just because he's in pre-med..."
Sam: ”All we want is to be sure you aren't experimenting with this stuff or any other drugs.” (0:27)

Drugs and money on a table (0:28)

Her friend Chris tells Alice, "Maybe if we keep straight, maybe if we promise to keep straight."
”It's kind of a bad thing we're into, kicking all of that stuff.”
Alice: ”Tell me that it was just for fun, that we weren't really hooked.”
Chris: ”I haven't been straight for 2 years.” (0:30)

Doris asks Alice, "You got any uppers left?"
”What's the matter, you in a blackout?” (0:32)

Alice: "No jobs anywhere, but plenty of dope... Pure acid turns out to be horse tranquilizer. I got on the jag with speed... Got to stay away from the hard stuff. Sometimes grass just doesn't make it for me. Chris likes heroin, but it makes me too sick. Little Alice searches for the perfect drug... They keep their dope and candy dishes." (0:34)

A priest tells Alice, “I think he knew more about winos and drunks...” (0:36)

The priest tells Alice, "... If you start worrying about what makes good reading, you might quit writing this stuff."
Alice: ”I've got to stop, but I can't... I can't stay off of it. I like it.”
”You want me to freak out again?”
Priest: ”Listen, isn't it better for me to freak you out than brain damage?”
”Look at... the part of you that stays alive through a blackout.. It's enough to break your heart or your habit... You might as well stay hooked on your good habit.” (0:37)

Beth tells Alice, "It's just that everybody in school knows who's on and who's off now... It's just that straight kids are so outnumbered, Alice."
Alice: ”... the users are so paranoid that they can't stand to have any straight ones around.” (0:46)

Bag boy in grocery store: "Why don't you give up, Alice, and get off your high horse, or your, uh, horse high?"
Alice: ”I'm going to lose my mind.” (0:47)

By telephone, Alice tells someone, "... Please come to Jan, she's crazy." (0:49)

Her father tells Alice, "I can't get you an overnight transfer just because a couple of antisocial kids want to drive you out of school... Any sane person would understand..." (0:49)

Another student asks Alice, "What would you do if they put a roach down in your father's car?" (0:51)

Alice tells her father's teaching assistant Joel, "I can't talk to the kids who use dope... I can't talk to the kids who've never used dope, because they're scared of me because I've used dope... They'll put dope in Daddy's car... I stand for... the reasons they take dope..." (0:53)

Woman in hospital: "Trauma, but we need more than some kind of recognition to establish how much memory is available." (0:56)

Alice's mother tells her, "Two of the girls at school... say that you've been selling this LSD that you took to all of them, all along."
Dallas: ”The crowing again... they're going to eat me.” (0:58)

Her doctor tells Alice, "You harmed yourself."
Alice: ”It was a bum trip.”
Doctor: ”A bum trip and a half.”
Alice: ”I thought that I was buried without a coffin.”
Doctor: ”Your skull was fractured.” (1:02)

Alice: "This youth center is probably the first sensible thing that's happened to me since I started drugs."
Group member: ”I hadn't heard about drugs at all, you know?... My parents... were the first ones that ever... knew about drugs, but really made me aware of drugs, you know? Like the pills and the grass. Seems crazy now that I'm straight... A couple of my buddies, we heard about glue... we all got blasted... I thought the first lift was some kind of a high.”
He asks Alice, ”Dig sniffing glue?”
Another group member tells Alice, ”He just told you, he digs being straight.”
Alice: ”But he's getting high just talking about getting high,, and you are getting high off of his high, and I'm getting high off of your high, and it's one big contact high... We're no better than any wino...” (1:04)

Alice: "I know I'll always be one pill away from being an addict again, but if I can just keep turning down that same pill, I'll be okay." (1:06)

Alice tells Joel, "I've done a lot of things with a lot of men, but I was always really stoned." (1:10)

Alice, referring to Joel: "I hope I don't lean on him the way I did with drugs. It scares me when I find myself thinking about a high." (1:11)

Alice’s mother: "In the fall of her last year in high school, our daughter died of an overdose of drugs. We were never able to find out what the drugs were, or whether or not they were self-administered... we had no clues as to why she died. We have discovered since then that she was one of almost 5,000 drug deaths that year..." (1:12)