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Going My Way

CastBing Crosby, Risë Stevens, Barry Fitzgerald, Frank McHugh, Gene Lockhart, William Frawley, James Brown, Jean Heather, Porter Hall, Fortunio Bonanova
Year released1944
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Father Fitzgibbon tells Father Charles O’Malley, referring to Mrs. McGonigle, "When her husband died, she sent me his umbrella..." (0:16)

Ted Haines, Jr. tells O’Malley, referring to Ted’s mortgage holder father, "Confidentially, he’d like to find a way to foreclose..." (0:22)

Fitzgibbon tells young Tony Scaponi and Herman Langerhanke, "That’s very generous of you." (0:23)

Singer Carol James tells the priests, "But don’t worry..."
Carol tells O’Malley, ”Don’t worry...” (0:38)

Tony slaps Herman repeatedly in the face,
Tony: "Don’t hit me on the head." (0:44)

Mrs. Carmody tells Fitzgibbon, referring to O’Malley, "... maybe a wee bit impulsive."
Fitzgibbon: ”Don’t worry.” (0:46)

Fitzgibbon tells O’Malley, referring to the Bishop, "He has a remarkable memory." (0:52)

Mrs. Carmody tells Fitzgibbon, "Don’t worry about the dishes." (1:00)

Fitzgibbon tells O’Malley, referring to the whiskey, "With a degree of abstinence it becomes my calendar..."
O’Malley, referring to his mother: ”She died when I was quite young.” (1:01)

Movie poster: "Three Men from Texas" (1:05)

Fitzgibbons tells his opera singer friend Jenny Tuffel, "In that case you’d be interested in a crazy quilt."
”I’d hate to see that crazy quilt leaving the parish.” (1:24)

Carol tells Ted Haines, Sr., "... we were a little hysterical. I guess we were both a little, well, mad." (1:36)

O’Malley tells Fitzgibbon, "Don’t worry, Father." (1:54)

Fitzgibbon tells O’Malley, "... doctors, medicine...."
O’Malley: ”I gave you that medicine to quiet your nerves.” (1:55)

Fitzgibbon tells O’Malley, referring toi Jenny, "Fine girl, Miss Linden... very generous."
O’Malley, referring to the Bishop: ”He has all the confidence in the world in you, and don’t worry.” (1:58)

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