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Gone Girl

Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry, Carrie Coon, Kim Dickens, Missi Pyle, Sela Ward, Casey Wilson, Patrick Fugit, David Clennon, Lisa Banes, Lola Kirke, Boyd Holbrook
Elvis Presley | diphenhydramine | Benadryl | marijuana | oxycodone | OxyContin | Gone Girl
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Writer Amy writes in her diary, “I’m so crazy, stupid happy!” (0:02)

Amy’s bar owner husband Nick tells police Det. Rhonda Boney, “Now I don’t panic easily, but it’s weird, right?” (0:10)

Boney tells Nick, “I know a few housewives... prescription pills.”
Boney’s partner Gilpin: “Nice lady, got her teeth kicked in over some OxyContin.”
Boney: “We cannot keep up with the drug violence.”
Type A? That can make you crazy... You seem pretty laid back, Type B.” (0:16)

A police officer tells Nick, referring to Nick’s father, “We found him wandering Route 79, disoriented.” (0:18)

Amy’s author mother Marybeth, referring to her friend Desi: “He was obsessed. He attempted suicide after Amy broke up with him sophomore year.” (0:27)

Boney tells Nick, “Imagine our confusion.” (0:28)

Nick’s bartender sister Margo tells Nick, “I’m gonna go Benadryl myself to sleep.” (0:40)

Nick’s student Andie tells Nick, “It’s just crazy.” (0:42)

Wake for Nick’s mother Maureen. (0:44)

Gilpin asks homeless Jason, referring to Amy, “What’d she want, weed, pills?” (0:48)

Amy writes in her diary, “That is how crazy I’ve become... I’m being paranoid, crazy.” (0:48)

Andie: “Every day, Nick, or I’ll go crazy.”
Nick: “Don’t go crazy.”
Margo tells Nick, “You... idiot.” (0:49)

TV host Ellen tells attorney Tanner, “Tanner, the hallmark of a sociopath is a lack of empathy.”
Tanner: “But the truth is you’d have to be a sociopath to behave normally in this situation...” (0:52)

Gilpin tells Boney, “No drug angle’s panned out yet...” (0:53)

Nick tells Boney, “I told you, Noelle Hawthorne’s... crazy.”
”This is insane.” (0:57)

Amy: “You befriend a local idiot... You need to package yourself so that people will truly mourn your loss... invite pregnant idiot into your home... steal pregnant idiot’s urine... and after all the outrage, when I’m ready, I’ll go out in the water with a handful of pills and a pocket full of stones, and when they find my body, they’ll know.” (1:06)

Margo tells Nick, “... crazy bitch.”
”You married a complete psychopath.” (1:14)

Sticky notes on different days of Amy’s calendar: “Kill self?” (1:15)

Tanner tells Nick, “It’s just the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.”
Nick, referring to Amy and Desi, ”She said that he stalked her.” (1:20)

Ellen, on her show: “Nick keeps his father, who has Alzheimer’s, in a facility.” (1:26)

Nick tells Desi that Amy told him “You stalked her... and you attempted suicide in her bed and were institutionalized.” (1:29)

Amy tells Greta and Jeff, “I was gonna kill myself.”

Tanner tells Nick, "Elvis is in Missouri." (1:30)
”I was gonna drown myself...” (1:34)

Tanner tells Nick, “People empathize with that.” (1:36)

Margo tells Nick to say, “I was an idiot.” (1:41)

Desi tells Amy, “There’s a great view, if you’re in the mood.” (1:47)

Margo tells Nick, “They’re going crazy for you.” (1:54)

Desi tells Amy, “Follow that instinct. Don’t trust the instinct that left you beaten and homeless...” (1:55)

Nick tells Boney, “The story’s insane.” (2:06)

Her doctor tells FBI agents, referring to Amy, “She’s on fairly heavy painkillers.”
Amy: “Now may I go back... to... a man with a history of mental problems?” (2:06)

Margo tells Nick, referring to Tanner, “Elvis has left Missouri.” (2:17)

In his mirror, Nick rehearses describing Amy, “She is a calculating, murderous psychopath.” (2:19)

Nick tells TV host Ellen, “You and a panel of nitwits diagnosed me as a sociopath.” (2:20)

Nick tells Amy, “You’re delusional. You’re insane.” (2:22)

Margo tells Nick, “You could get custody.” (2:22)