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Good Morning, Miss Dove

Jennifer Jones, Robert Stack, Kipp Hamilton, Robert Douglas, Peggy Knudsen, Marshall Thompson, Chuck Connors, Mary Wickes
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Miss Ellwood tells Mr. Spivey, "Makes you want to do something utterly mad." (0:05)

Teacher Miss Dove, referring to a pain, "If I tranquilize my mind, it will pass." (0:08)

Miss Dove’s father dies. (0:14)

Miss Dove writes a letter to her friend Penleton: "... the death of my father will prevent my receiving you this summer." (0:19)

Miss Dove tells Dr. Baker, "The immoderate use of tobacco, an enslaving habit when formed early in life."
”These are my symptoms...”
”And pray, what is your diagnosis?” (0:25)

Nurse Billy Jean Green tells Miss Dove, referring to Green’s daughter Ava, "She’s just crazy about my Mary Snow’s country garden."
Referring to Dove’s temperature: ”That’s, uh, confidential.”
”I’ve been a widow now for five lonely years.”
Referring to her husband: ”He passed away shortly after.”
Dove, referring to Bill Holloway: ”... a child in whom the ethical instinct was as innate as the function of breathing.” (0:33)

Miss Dove tells a student’s mother, referring to her students, "I’m interested in their basic traits of character." (0:37)

Miss Dove, referring to Bill Holloway: "I do not worry about him." (0:41)

Coffin of Bill Holloway’s grandmother Agnes (0:42)

Dr. Temple asks Miss Dove, "Is there a family history of... or melancholy."
”Are you subject to fantasy.”
Temple: ”Can you say approximately how long you’ve been conscious of these occasions?” (0:45)

His wife Jincey tells Dr. Thomas Baker, "Don’t worry about me, Tommy." (1:02)

Billy Jean tells Miss Dove, "Now we mustn’t worry about tomorrow." (1:03)

Billy Jean writes a note for Miss Dove: "The sympathy of friends brings sunshine..."
”I told that tale about my husband passing away.” (1:04)

Billy Jean tells Miss Dove, "Now, now, we’re not to worry." (1:08)

Ex-con Fred Makepeace tells playwright Maurice Levine, referring to probation, "It makes me nervous." (1:18)

Miss Dove reads her hospital record: "Patient is... showing few of the usual senile changes... alert..."
Dove tells Belly Jean, ”What I read has restored my sense of personal identity.” (1:21)

Mr. Porter tells Dove, "I’d been a widower for a year..."
”... cannot blot out the memory that once, consciously or unconsciously, you did something...” (1:22)

Mr. Prouty asks Miss Dove, "Are you nuts?" (1:23)

Dr. Baker tells Miss Dove, "You’ll be taken to the operating room and put under general anesthesia... In that event, the anesthetic might be prolonged..." (1:28)

Billy Jean tells Mr. Porter, "Now let’s stay patient and full of fortitude." (1:36)

Mr. Prouty tells the others, "What comes back to me plainest is the day I told her she was nuts." (1:40)

Bill Holloway tells the desk sergeant, "Boy, you’re really off your rocker." (1:41)

Billy Jean tells Miss Dove, "Oh, don’t you worry..."
Miss Dove tells Thomas, ”... the fifth grade ill memorize...” (1:45)