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Good Morning, Vietnam

Robin Williams, Forest Whitaker, Tung Thanh Tran, Chintara Sukapatana, Bruno Kirby, Robert Wuhl, J.T. Walsh, Noble Willingham
Robin Williams | amphetamine | marijuana
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D.J. Adrian tells Private Eddie, “They play Mantovani to insomniacs who don’t respond to strong drugs.” (0:04)

General Taylor tells Major Dickerson, “Don’t get crazy over this Dick.” (0:05)

Adrian tells Dickerson, “If you want to blend into a crowd of drunken Greeks there’s nothing better.” (0:07)

Eddie tells Adrian, “You must be nervous, sir, huh?” (0:09)

Eddie tells Adrian, referring to Sgt. Dreiwitz, “He’s also one of your roommates, so if I were you, I’d think about suicide.” (0:11)

Adrian on the air: “For those of you that are recovering from a hangover that’s gonna sound just right... demilitarised zone?... sounds like something out of The Wizard of Oz... I saw one of those little guys in their orange robes burst into flames.” (0:12)

Adrian tells Eddie that Jimmy Wah’s is “Real homey, in an opium kind of way.” (0:24)

A soldier asks Adrian, “Are you crazy?” (0:37)

Adrian on the air: “Call me crazy...”
Hauk: ”It’s antics, hysterical-type things.”
Adrian: ”Hysterical-type things?”
Lt. Hauk: “General wackiness...”
”You are a maniac...” (0:41)

Trinh’s brother Tuan tells Adrian, “Relax already, crazy American.” (0:48)

Adrian tells Trinh, “I’m not used to girls being so quiet unless they’re medicated.”
”It makes me a little nervous.”
Trinh: “I don’t want makes you nervous, Cronauer.” (0:49)

Adrian watches Beach Blanket Bingo with Trinh. (0:51)

Adrian tells Eddie, “Jesus, you could put amphetamine freaks to sleep with this shit.” (0:52)

DJ Dan calls Adrian “a wacky and welcome addition...” (0:56)

Adrian asks Richard Nixon, “Well, have you considered possibly a sex change? There is an operation... Mr. Nixon, while you’ve been in Vietnam it’s rumoured that you smoked marijuana. Now are you planning to take some marijuana home?” (0:58)

Gen. Taylor tells Dickerson and Hauk, “Every GI in this country is glued to his radio... to hear that lunatic.” (0:59)

Adrian on the air: “Hey, I know it’s not the morning, but that’s my trademark, and good evening sounds too depressing.” (1:05)

Adrian, performing for the troops: “Well, I got drunk, man.”
”Do you think he looks like a photo negative of Little Richard, or am I crazy?” (1:24)

Dickerson tells Adrian, “I am the authorities, you moron.” (1:39)

Taylor tells Dickerson, “Dick, I’ve covered for you a lot of times because I thought you was a little crazy, but you’re not crazy, you’re mean.” (1:42)

Adrian: “Is there a psychiatrist here?” (1:50)

Adrian on the air: “... is it true that there is a marijuana problem here in Vietnam?” (1:57)