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Good Night, And Good Luck

David Strathairn, Robert Downey, Jr, Patricia Clarkson, George Clooney
Robert John Downey, Jr. | Don Hollenbeck
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Television journalist Edward R. Murrow: “... television in the main is being used to distract, delude, amuse and insulate us...” (0:05)

Shirley reads to the news team from O’brian’s newspaper column: “... in an obviously gloating mood hoped viewers had witnessed his patron’s triumph from and for the left.”
”The Columbian Broadcasting system has been in a lengthy clean-house-of-lefties mood.” (0:50)

Murrow’s co producer Friendly tells a coworker, “I’ve got a hangover you wouldn’t believe.” (0:52)

A coworker tells news man Palmer, “I don’t want you to get paranoid.” (0:54)

Murrow, referring to Sen. Joseph McCarthy: “He proved again that... anyone who does not share his hysterical disregard for decency and human dignity... must be either a Communist or a fellow traveler.” (1:08)

Editor Joseph Wershba read from a newspaper, “The fact of newscaster Don Hollenbeck’s suicide yesterday does not remove from the record that peculiar history of the leftist slanting of the news indulged consistently by the Columbian Broadcasting System.”
Hollenbeck turns on the gas. (1:13)

Murrow reports, referring to Don Hollenbeck: “He had been sick lately, and he died this morning. The police said it was suicide... gas... that’s all Don Hollenbeck would have asked.” (1:15)