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Good Ol' Freda

Freda Kelly
Brian Epstein
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Secretary Freda: "I was hooked." (0:06)

Freda: "John, a man of many moods." (0:10)

Freda, referring to manager Brian Epstein's sexuality: "Probably that had a lot to do with his mood swings as well..." (0:29)

Freda: "Well I would stay there and get sozzled..." (0:36)

Girl fans swoon in the street. (0:40)

Narrator: "What was Beatlemania to you...?" (0:41)

Press officer Tony: "In the wake of the outbreak of Beatlemania..." (0:42)

Freda: "... and I thought I’d go mad if that was me.” (0:42)

Freda: "'Cause he thought I was mental." (0:45)

Paul’s mother Angie McCartney: "They were just crazy." (0:46)

Freda: “When it was released that Paul had got married... some of them wanted to kill themselves..." (0:52)

Tony, referring to Epstein, "He became obsessed with trying out initially, experimenting with drugs and then becoming sort of fairly reliant on them and becoming more and more of a mess." (1:09)

Freda, referring to Epstein: "Well the media were on this that he committed suicide, and I just didn't believe that he committed suicide." (1:10)

Freda: "In the beginning... when Apple first opened it was great, the fun and the madness..." (1:14)

Newspaper headline: "Fans' farewell to Beatlemania" (1:19)

Freda sheds tears as she remembers all who died. (1:21)