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Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci, Lorraine Bracco, Paul Sorvino, Frank Sivero, Tony Darrow, Mike Starr, Frank Vincent, Chuck Low, Frank DiLeo, Michael Imperioli
cocaine | diazepam | Valium | heroin
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Henry, referring to his father: "He was pissed that my kid brother Michael was in a wheelchair." (0:05)

Henry's father beats him. (0:06)

Henry: "It was before Apalachin and before Crazy Joe..." (0:11)

Henry: "For us to live any other way was nuts. To us those goody-good people who... worried about their bills, were dead." (0:17)

His gangster friend Tommy tells Henry, "You stuttering prick, you."
Tommy tells a restaurant worker, ”You... moron.” (0:21)

Morrie asks Henry, "What am I... nuts?"
Henry: ”You're talking crazy.” (0:38)

Henry's new bride Karen, referring to his two families: "The first time I was introduced to all of them at once, it was crazy."
Henry’s mob boss Paulie tells Karen, ”I get confused myself.”
Karen: ”By the time I finished meeting everybody, I thought I was drunk.” (0:42)

Karen's mother tells Henry, "We were worried to death." (0:45)

Woman, referring to Jeannie: "Well, maybe she's depressed."
Woman: ”Depressed. Give me a break. She's drunk.”
Karen, referring to the other women: ”They talked about how rotten their kids were and about beating them with broom handles and leather belts.” (0:46)

Henry tells Karen, "Come on, don't worry so much, sweetie." (0:48)

Gangster Billy Batts tells his henchmen, "Don't get nervous."
Henry: ”Tommy gets a little loaded...”
Batts: ”Are you nuts?” (0:54)

Paulie tells Henry, referring to Batts, "His people are driving everyone crazy looking for him." (1:04)

Tommy: "Do I stutter?"
Tommy tells waiter Spider, ”You are a mumbling, stuttering little...”
Man: ”The Oklahoma Kid.”
Jimmy: ”Shane?”
Tommy: ”Oklahoma Kid.” (1:07)

Henry asks Karen, "Are you nuts?"
Karen: ”Yes, I'm nuts.” (1:10)

Jimmy asks Tommy, "Are you a... sick maniac?" (1:11)

Henry: "Karen, are you crazy?"
Karen: ”Yeah, I'm crazy. I'm crazy enough to kill both of you.”
Henry: ”What, are... you crazy, Karen? Are you crazy?” (1:13)

Jimmy tells Henry, referring to Karen, "She's getting all hysterical." (1:16)

Paulie tells Henry, referring to Tommy, "He's crazy."
”Gribbs got 20 years just for saying hello to some... that was sneaking behind his back selling junk.” (1:27)

Sandy spreads cocaine on a mirror.
Henry: ”... even with Sandy snorting more than she mixed I could see that this was a really good business.” (1:28)

Henry: "Morrie was driving us nuts." (1:31)

Henry tastes some cocaine.
Henry snort lines of cocaine through a straw from a mirror.
Sandy snorts cocaine from a mirror. (1:31)

Jimmy: "Johnny, are you nuts?" (1:34)

Jimmy tells Henry, "Don't be a moron with the money." (1:37)

Henry: "Stacks was always crazy. Instead of getting rid of the truck as he was supposed to, he got stoned..." (1:39)

Jimmy, referring to Henry: "He's worried."
”What are you worried about?”
Tommy: ”You worry too much.” (1:40)

Henry: "I could see you for the first time that Jimmy was a nervous wreck."
Henry tells Jimmy, referring to Morrie, ”He's a nut job.” (1:42)

Henry tells Morrie’s wife Belle, referring to Morrie, "He's probably drunk and fell asleep somewhere." (1:46)

Henry snorts cocaine from a mirror. (1:53)

Jimmy tells Henry, "Stop with the... drugs." (1:54)

Henry, referring to the doctor: "He gave me 10 mg of Valium..." (1:55)

His brother Michael asks Henry, "What are you, nuts?" (1:56)

By telephone, Henry tells someone, "No, I'm not nuts."
Henry tells Karen, ”He thinks I'm paranoid. I should bring him the... helicopter, then we'll see how paranoid I am.” (1:58)

A drug dealer asks Henry, "Didn't I tell you you were paranoid?"
He asks Karen, referring to Henry, ”Didn't I tell him he was paranoid?”
Karen: ”I need a hit.”
Suitcase full of cocaine in plastic bags.
Henry: ”Also, I had to get to Sandy's house to give the package a whack with quinine.” (1:58)

Henry snorts cocaine. (2:01)

Henry: "See, Jimmy knew if Paulie found out he was into drug deals with me... So now my plan was to stay alive long enough to sell off the dope..." (2:05)

Henry tells Paulie, "I'm clean. On my kids, I'm clean." (2:07)

Karen tells Henry, "You're totally paranoid." (2:09)

Karen tells Jimmy, referring to Henry, "They sobered him up."
”It's like he's crazy.”
Jimmy: ”Don't worry.”
”Don't worry. Don't worry.” (2:09)

A federal agent tells Karen, "You're talkin' about cocaine." (2:16)

Henry: "I had a sugar bowl full of coke next to the bed." (2:18)

Reference in Swingers (1996)